Rehearsal Mixer Invites: Finished.

I was rather pleased with the final product. Unfortunately, I lacked the time (or maybe patience) to line ALL of the envelopes. Anywho, here they are:
Up next= programs and placecards and table signs and printing of menus. Then I’m *gasp* done!


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Yes, every now and then paper can be sexy and indeed, orgasmic.

Lay your eyes on this hotness from Beau Papier!! I just adore this!

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Rehearsal Invites

So I ended up doing some pretty basic invites for the rehearsal mixer/meet-and-greet we will be hosting the evening before the wedding. I bought them from Etsy seller Lucky Paperie and am pleased with what I received.  Added some rhinestones and will mail these babies out later this week!

Here’s a peak!

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Procrastination & the 11th Hour

A year ago I was so gung-ho about getting things done for the wedding, hence the good amount of DIY projects I have managed to complete! But oddly, now that the wedding is just a few weeks away, I am in slug-mode…and I need to break out!

There are a few more projects I have ahead of me that I KNOW need to get done sooner than later, but I keep putting them off.  It’s not even that I’m sick of wedding planning–because I’m not! I’m still loving it as much as I did from Day 1….

Here are some things I need to get started on now:

1. Ceremony Programs: I am a thorough writer and writing is very easy to me, but for some reason I am kind of dreading having to do this. Not sure why.

2. Rehearsal Mixer Invitations: I think I am maybe putting this one off because I know it is not necessary and it an “extra” type thing. Basically, in lieu of a formal sit down rehearsal dinner we’re hosting a meet-and-greet mixer type thing for our wedding party and out of town guests. So..hmm…I guess invites ARE necessary for our out of town guests, right? Need to get on it. Was going to DIY…but may be taking advantage of Etsy for this one. Maybe I’ll just use that pretty left over damask print paper to line the envelopes or something.

3. Table Assignments and Placecard Madness: The thought of doing this is annoying and I will definitely be marshalling fiance to take the lead on this.  I have decided to use fairly basic placecards and place them on a bed of carnations, so the ‘carnation bed’ (silks for this one) is something I need to start making–easy but will be tedious for sure.

4. Menu Printing/Ordering the Cardstock

5. Aisle Runner: I’ve decided to NOT get a customized one.  I would like to get a colored runner however, a grey/silver. Anyone know where I can find one?

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Etsy Find: SandyPhotoArt

All I have to say is WOW.  If I still needed wedding invitations, this would be my woman!

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Rehearsal Mixer Papyrus!

Now that invites are out and RSVPS are rolling in, I am beginning to think about our rehearsal mixer/ meet-and-greet and what the invites for that will look like. I have decided (I think)that would like to make this another DIY project–especially as I have a lot of damask-print scrapbook paper left over from my bellybands.

Like I’ve talked about before, we’re having a rehearsal mixer for our bridal party and out of town guests the evening before the wedding at a dowtown Cleveland wine bar.

Here are some invites that fit the bill and that I am thinking about recreating:
The first two are from Etsy seller DecadentDesigns:

I have that exact paper above

Not sure where I snagged this one from:

OR maybe I’ll just flat out buy these from Etsy seller PaperandInk!

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The Invites

I shared the envelopes.
Here are our DIY pockets. Overall I am pleased and we have been receiving compliments from guests, which is nice!
All printing done (super duper cheap) on Vista Print’s regular and oversized postcards.
Pockets from Cards and Pockets Store.
Stickers from Etsy.
AND we got our FIRST RSVP postcard back in the mail today!

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Online RSVP

Invitations went out Monday! Woo! And I promise to post thorough pics of all the pieces and final product tonight. But until then, I have our wedding website on my mind.

I ‘launched’ our wedding website in all of my newly-engaged enthusiasm…last OCTOBER. And obviously, up until recently I have been the main visitor! I mean, I’ve told friends and family here and there about it, but until now there was really not much of a reason for anyone to visit our site.

Well, yesterday, we received our very FIRST electronic RSVP! And I am super excited about it because our web hosting site,, stores all of that info in a highly customizable way. It allowed me to import all of our guests’ names from Excel and then ‘restrict their seats.’ That meant, I could go into the system and specify how many seats we had reserved for each guest–which allowed us to control our guest list!! So I hope many of our guests choose this method of RSVP and just save the cute postcard stamp for another day.

Fiance and I were under the assumption that mostly our young-er guests would use the online option, but so far we’ve been proved wrong and there is a 50/50 split between the younger/older generation saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ online! Who were we to doubt our elders’ computer skills?

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Call Emily Post….

I’m a bad, bad girl…
I used labels on our invitations. CLEAR mailing labels. And, *gasp* colored ink! I wanted something that looked nice and neat but couldn’t afford calligraphy (or rather, calligraphy wasn’t something I cared enough about to splurge on) and I don’t like my own handwriting enough AND kind of was just too lazy to address them by hand.

So here ya go. The finished envelopes.
-Labels, my mom
-Envelopes, Silver Pearlescent Metallic from

Photobucket -Stamp, Etsy


These–the DIY pocketfolds fiance and I worked long and hard to assemble– are getting sent out tomorrow!! I feel like we are sending off our children! I am pleased with how they came out EXCEPT for the hideous freaking one-cent “tiffany lamp” stamp. I mean come.on. US Post Office. Can we do a little better with the aesthetic appeal of the one-centers–assuming that most people will be buying them for a WHILE?!

Will post detailed photos of the actual invite tomorrow.

FYI–Here were our DIY Save the Dates (in case you missed) And yes, I addresses all 150 of these myself with my trusty Sharpie:

-Envelopes, Azela Metallic, PaperandMore

Actual Save the Date (Vista Print):Photobucket

The orange (tangerine) color started as a piece of our color scheme so it is reflected throughout our correspondence stationery. But we have since ditched it. Hey. A girl can change her mind!

Happy Friday!

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