Extra! Extra!

Today, I am ecstatic to report to you that the United States government is good at something these days!
Fiance and I applied for our passports last Thursday, hoping they would arrive in time for our honeymoon– and our passports were in the mailbox today!
And no, they were not on a ‘rush.’
Thumbs up to one. week. passports!
And Punta Cana, here we come!
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A Moon for Me and my Honey Part I


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Ok– so I have a confession to make.
As much fun as I’m having, I am frustrated with planning my wedding.
And I attribute this to one factor: too many vendors.
There are lots of moving ‘pieces’ to planning any event, especially weddings.
And although I am good at making phone calls, doing price comparisons and overall managing vendors, I’m getting exhausted fast from having to manage SO MANY of them.
There’s floral, ceremony rentals, reception rentals, lighting, entertainment, attire, beauty, lodging etc…
Now, some would be quick to advise, “Girl, hire a wedding planner!”
But I don’t think that’s necessary if I could just STREAMLINE/ BUNDLE a few of my vendors into ONE vendor that I totally trust to execute.

What if I could find one company to handle floral, lighting, ceremony AND reception decor/set-up?

Enter Stacey Streeter from Fleurs de France.
Well, technically she came across my radar a while ago and has hands down the loveliest floral I’ve seen in the Cleveland area. She does what she calls “couture flowers” and her designs are whimsical, creative and fun.
The only problems were that:
1) Her pricing intimidated me
2) I contacted her about JUST doing personal flowers for me and she was only mildly interested because she said she was leaning toward only doing full events–not parts here and there. Which I understood.

But upon doing my vendor interviews, pricing things out and understanding the possibilities and constrictions of our venue, I am compelled to at least interview and price the person who would, I think, be my first choice based on what I’ve seen of her work…
Courtesy Fleurs de France.net

So, I am meeting with Stacy in a few weeks.
And some of you laughed at me for starting early!?

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So–I very briefly have talked about the planning of my, ahem, bachelorette party here, just to say that I was concerned about my grad student sis planning it all alone.
Well, do I have news for you!
She now has help!
Introducing sis, and my girls (from back to front) M, C and S.

Aren’t they soo cute!
C,M and S–three fabulous ladies who I have been friends with for a long time (we all went to high school in Cleveland-area together and are now living in DC-area)have graciously stepped up to help sis with planning the bach’ and M is also helping out with a bunch of other stuff. And Sis…the look on her face says it all…
So, I’m really happy!
Basically, after sipping on a concoction of white wine, vodka, lemon lime club soda, lemons and limes at the e-party, the ladies were in a good mood and had a LOT to say about the idea of me having my bach’ in C-town.
Here’s a foggy account of how it went:

Me: “I mean, my sister is planning the bach’.”
S: “OMG–It’s going to be in Cleveland?? What are we going to do?! You shouldn’t have it in Cleveland!”
M: “I know! Why do you want to do it the night before your wedding, anyway? You will look horrible the next day! And so will your bridesmaids. That’s really not a good idea. Noone does that anymore.”
Me: “Ummmm….”
S: “I mean, it doesn’t even have to be in Vegas. It could be in Miami. But it could at least be here in DC where there are things to do.”
C: laughing
M/S/C: “Look, we’ll just help plan it!”

So there you have it. There are now 3 lovely ladies helping my sis with my bach’!
And I know one thing: with 4 planners, it better be a night to remember!
What are you doing for your bachelorette?

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Engagement Soiree!!

Is happening this weekend…
I mean, it’s kind of an engagement-slash-housewarming party as fiancee just got done doing a bunch of home improvements and finally wants to have one.
I hadn’t thought of this ‘party’ as being a big deal. For example,we didn’t invite friends and family from out of town (just because I guess it didn’t occur to us that people would travel for a little party.
But now that I have mentioned it to some of my out of town BMs and friends, I guess maybe I should’ve just invited everyone as a courtesy (some of them seemed to really wanted to come).
Anyways, this week I did start putting some thought into the party and trying to figure out a ‘theme’ or something that wouldn’t be too cheesy.
First I thought we could do the ever-popular summer Luau theme–get tiki torches for the patio & make frozen drinks.
Then I went shopping and figured out that at least in retailers’ minds, summer is done and all that’s available in party stores is Halloween and..yes…Christmas stuff.
Then I went to the Dollar Tree and as usual, came across some fabulous finds.
First, were these Hallmark Collection plates and napkins which I thought were just perfect for an engagement party:

Then I found these $1 a pack rose petals. They are fake. But I’m not splurging on real rose petals for this party.
And these cute square vases/candle holders at $1 each (I’m thinking of going back and buying all the rest from the store)

So after finding these items, it occured to me that maybe I should go with a “Romantic” theme: candles,rose petals, wine, love…after all, it is a celebration of love!
Do you have any ideas of something we can do or incorporate into the engagement party?

FYI (totally unrelated) the orchids are holding up really well. I don’t think there would be any issue withDIY with them. Here are pics I took of them Tuesday evening (remember they were bought Friday).

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Our Wedding: the basics

OK–so there are two MAJOR obstacles to my planning and executing the wedding of my dreams: location and budget.

1) I am planning a Cleveland wedding from Washington DC.
2) I am planning a wedding, of which I have great expectations, for about 130 guests on a fairly tight budget, according to today’s standards.

So, yea…those are the obstacles. But I am focused and motivated to make it happen!

Not Your Mama’s Wedding

More things you must know about my wedding vision:

1) I am doing my evening ceremony and reception at the same venue,in the evening, downtown Cleveland. For my reception I’m having a formal sit down dinner and a 5-hour open bar. I am also having a cocktail hour with passed hors dourves. (I’m too lazy to spell check that right now…)

2) I am having an ultra-modern and non-traditional wedding. That means:
No drapes of tulle, ribbons, bows or pastels here.
Not many flowers and lots of DIY.
Seven bridesmaids in sophisticated/sexy black gowns.
Dozens and dozens of candles.
Momma walking me down the aisle.
Ceremony recessional=”Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. You get the idea…(Ummm…well, kinda unsure about that one, but hey, my beau is all for it!)

3)Basically, I want our day to create a moment, an experience for everyone there. I don’t want it to be a contrived, run of the mill wedding. This is why one of things most important to me (spending-wise) is decorating and ligting.

This fabulous event will be held at the BP Tower. A photo of it is to your right, but please note, my tables will look nothing like that:)

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