Fall Mrs. Hoodies!

The rest of wedding photos/day after and bridals coming soon!

Bling Chic!
 Appropriately ostentatious!!


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I didn’t think I would….

Butttt, I am becoming more and more compelled to wear a….veil. I picked up my gown earlier this week and it is perfect, but I feel like a veil would give it and me more of that “bride” look.

If I do wear a veil, it will certainly be a “birdcage” style veil…AND I am going to make it.

I bought a yard of netting from an Ebay millinery store which arrived yesterday, and I am really feeling it!  Actually, I was holding it up to my face and fiance–who rarely cares enough to say anything either way about wedding planning details–commented.

He said: “Is that what you’re wearing?  It’s old style. Very, Jacky-O-ish. I like.”

I think that’s enough to make me do it!

Here is a style veil I really like and may emulate:

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I loved my latest makeup trial….

Butttttt… I LOVE this woman’s makeup!! Is this WAY too dramatic?? Even for an evening wedding? 

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Progress at Crunch Time: Part I: Makeup Success!

So I visited Cleveland this past weekend for a wedding fiance and I had to attend and ALSO to tie up lose ends and finalize everything for our wedding next month!  In the few (very busy) days I had in town I made a lot of progress in several areas.  

The first I will share is my makeup trial with Jason Kelly of Jason Kelly Faceart.  I blogged about Jason before, but there is nothing like seeing him work his magic for yourself.  I told him I wanted to look natural–not “done up” but still a little evening glam.  A smokey eye look without being too harsh for a bride….

Let me know what you think!

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For the ‘Moon

Spiegel is having a good sale on swim right now. I rarely open emails I get about sales from clothing stores..but 75% off is good enough to make me click.

I thought this suit was too cute! It also comes in AUBERGINE! And it’s just $24.

Get it HERE

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The Most Adorable Shoes Ever. Ever.

And my little flower girls are wearing them! They are really more of a hot pink–not purpley like they look on the screen.

Definitely an upgrade from the shoes I was scouting out for them a few months ago.  See those and their dresses HERE.

As a bonus, here are two of three princesses who will wear these, and the ringbearer! Mine is in the middle:)

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You Want Pink Shoes? You On a Budget?

As my toddler likes to say when she comes across something that may be of use to a situation: “These could help!”

I think these COULD help a budget bride seeking some hot pink shoes–who is ok with a heel on the shorter side! 22 bucks?! A steal.

Get them here. Courtesy of the ever-more-chic-now-has-a-line-by-Patricia Field-herself…PAYLESS!

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Speaking of Beauty & Black & Brides….

To build on yesterday’s post about the Italian Vogue July issue…

One of my BFFs who just happens to also be one of my bridesmaids is a model. She worked over in England for a while and was actually featured on the cover of a London bridal mag!

That just got me to thinking…
How many times have I seen a black girl grace the cover of any U.S. bridal mags? Does the U.S. have hang-ups with race that other countries do not? (Hey, I know this is likely a “duh” question but I will pose it anyway).

I honestly can’t recall, except for a niche publication targeted at women of color, like Brides Noir.

Anyways, here is my gorgeous girlfriend in all of her bridal glory!

And on HER REAL wedding day:

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More Bling Chic! Yumminess!

Some of what I’ve been up to. I have some REALLY cool orders coming up that I’ll show you when they are complete–pretty colors!


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Announcing "Bling Chic"

My spanking new Etsy store!  There has been so much demand for the cute crystal Mrs. tanks and undies that I have set up shop on one of my favorite web places!  Here’s a peak.  Happy Sunday!

Bling Chic!

June 8, 2008. fashion. 7 comments.

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