The Truth About Candles

Here are some things I have learned while planning out the decor for my wedding–which by the way–is next month!

True: Decorating your wedding and reception with flowers can get very expensive.

True: Non-floral centerpieces can be an excellent and cheaper option.

Untrue: Candles are always a much cheaper way to decorate.

Now let me explain this last nugget of wisdom…the “untrue” part.  So, if you’re talking about using say, eh, three, four–even ten VOTIVE candles to decorate your tables–well then candles could be a significantly cheaper way to decorate.

But when you’re talking about using candles in mass to make a striking and dramatic impact–which in my opinion is the only way to do it–let me tell you it is not cheap.  In fact, depending on how much of a bargain seeker you are or are not–candles could end up costing you about the same as floral.

I’m talking pillar candles here, however. Not just your small votives or tea-light holders. And pillars aint cheap!  Add to the cost of the pillars the cost of glass vases to place them in (you’ll normally need this for safety plus the light reflecting on the glass is gawgeous) and you are talking some serious cash.

Now, I love flowers–don’t get me wrong.  That’s why no matter how much candlelight we have we will have fresh flowers–and a nice amount– on our tables.

But something about the idea of a completely or almost completely candlelit space just intrigues me and seems that it would have so much impact.

I had my little heart set on creating something like the above photo, but after doing the math and figuring well above a thousand dollars for all the pillars and vases I would need to make impact, I began to back down from the idea…UNTIL I met Sarah, who is getting married a few weeks before me in Cleveland and who is having a basically flowerless reception with lots of candles. Try like 500 candles with corresponding glass vases. And guess what? She is so gracious as to be willing to pass them on to me for a fair price! Actually, she found me through this blog! 

So looks like I may be able to make this happen after all!

So question, because this is one of fiance’s concerns. Can you ever have TOO MANY candles in a space?


July 7, 2008. candles, centerpiece, decorations, details, inspiration.


  1. MIndy replied:

    I’m actually in Sarah’s wedding, and told her about your site! When she told me she had contacted you about sharing the candles, I thought that was such a great idea! I know it’s going to be gorgeous and I do not think you can ever have too many candles!

  2. myclevelandwedding replied:

    Hi Mindy!!
    OK..well you’re the hero then!! Thanks for telling Sarah about the blog–I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to get the candles:) AND you’re a Crosby so you’re extra fab! LOL


  3. Dana replied:

    I think that it going to beautiful and so romantic. You are right about the candles. I happened to luck up on a lot of candles and vases at a local home decor store for a great price. I think that is the only way that I would be able to afford them. It just something about candles in a wedding…it really sets the mood.
    It is great that another blogger is hooking you up. What are blogger friends for.

  4. Nikki replied:


    First of all let me say I LOVE your blog! In my opinion there’s no such thing as TOO many candles, like you said they can be beautiful! But yes I agree they can also be expensive. I’m getting married on Oct. 11th this year and I also wanted to use candles in excess until I recently found out we can’t light candles at the reception hall. Who does that?! Decorating with unlite candles in just not my thing, so I would love some alternative suggestions.

    Happy Planning!

  5. myclevelandwedding replied:

    Thanks, Nikki!! Actually, I have heard of more than a few places that don’t allow candles! And with that, you’re looking at using LED which gets realllllly expensive.
    If you are looking for that soft mood lighting, have you thought about hanging paper lanterns are getting some uplighting done? Uplighting can be inexpensive and high impact. We’re having some uplighting done via our florist (on the columns and white walls) and it’s very inexpensive–plus you can rent the uplights and gels from many companies and set them up yourself. HTH!

  6. kelley replied:

    hello! i found your website while googling reception ideas for my wedding in october of this year. would you be interested in someone buying your hand me down vases after your wedding? i am totally anti flowers for my reception and love this look!!
    i look forward to hearing from you,

  7. Rebekah Kamin replied:

    Hello, I’m getting marreid in march. I looove the idea of all candles. It is so pretty! Are you interested ni doing a hand me down deal on the glass?

    Let me know, Thanks!!

    Rebekah Kamin

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