I think I’ve Fallen Again…

So I’ve talked kinda a lot about carnations here, and how gawgeous I think they are when used in masse.

Well, today I stumbled on the awesome Fiore Blossoms blog and saw these cute hanging pomanders:

So I had to post them here because they look SOOOOOO similar to my florist centerpiece mock-up–of which I shared a glimpse a few months ago. Here is the glimpse again:

By Helene Piler of Cleveland, Ohio-area Hosanna Designs

It just has me excited again about these centerpieces, which will grace about half of our dinner tables! I don’t know..as I have been planning and blogging for nearly a year now, it’s easy to fall in love with other things and second-guess my choices.  

It feels good to fall back in love!

PS. The aforementioned blog, Fiore Blossoms is really, really good and excellent if you are needing some floral inspiration:)



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Less than 2 months until THEE day!

Tempus fugit!  With July a busy month personally and for work I am feeling really compelled to crank out the few remaining projects and details I have on the agenda, so I’ll be firing off posts very soon!

Happy Wednesday!

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Welcome to Our New Home!

My Cleveland Wedding will be live and in full effect here at WordPress from now on.

So kick up your feet, grab your martini, bookmark me and make yourself at home!


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Speaking of Beauty & Black & Brides….

To build on yesterday’s post about the Italian Vogue July issue…

One of my BFFs who just happens to also be one of my bridesmaids is a model. She worked over in England for a while and was actually featured on the cover of a London bridal mag!

That just got me to thinking…
How many times have I seen a black girl grace the cover of any U.S. bridal mags? Does the U.S. have hang-ups with race that other countries do not? (Hey, I know this is likely a “duh” question but I will pose it anyway).

I honestly can’t recall, except for a niche publication targeted at women of color, like Brides Noir.

Anyways, here is my gorgeous girlfriend in all of her bridal glory!

And on HER REAL wedding day:

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Is Beautiful Created Equal?

Is beautiful, beautiful??
From the New York Times:
Apparently the July issue of Italian Vogue will use only women of color throughout the magazine to call attention to prejudice. Read the article “Conspicuous By Their Presence” HERE.

See the slideshow: “Beautiful is Beautiful” HERE.

Needless to say, I think this is great. Growing up, I didn’t see an abundance of positive and beautiful images of women of color in media, especially African American women. Even in the toy stores, it was hard to find black barbies and dolls with dark skin. I know this may sound trivial, but I think that had to have at least some impact on my perception of beauty growing up. Even today, I can say that as a mommy of a toddler, sometimes I struggle to find dolls for my daughter with brown skin. **Sigh**

In many fashion magazines, you will see the ‘token’ black woman or black guy–as if they were included just to be politically correct and that is incredibly frustrating. So to have the disparity acknowledged, albeit not, of course, in the American Vogue…is encouraging.

I do not want my daughter to grow up under the impression that she is a second-class citizen; that somehow her beauty, her skin are ‘less-than.’ It is time to break down the barriers, the lies that have been promulgated throughout American history about what “black” is.

I want my daughter to grow up and be able to see images of African American women in the media that reinforce what I tell her everyday: “You are beautiful! You are perfect! Black is beautiful!”

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Rehearsal Mixer Papyrus!

Now that invites are out and RSVPS are rolling in, I am beginning to think about our rehearsal mixer/ meet-and-greet and what the invites for that will look like. I have decided (I think)that would like to make this another DIY project–especially as I have a lot of damask-print scrapbook paper left over from my bellybands.

Like I’ve talked about before, we’re having a rehearsal mixer for our bridal party and out of town guests the evening before the wedding at a dowtown Cleveland wine bar.

Here are some invites that fit the bill and that I am thinking about recreating:
The first two are from Etsy seller DecadentDesigns:

I have that exact paper above

Not sure where I snagged this one from:

OR maybe I’ll just flat out buy these from Etsy seller PaperandInk!

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RSVP by Royal Mail!

We got an RSVP postcard back from Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom! They put it in an envelope with their own postage. I guess they didn’t trust our cute little postcard to make it back to the states in one piece! Note: the postage stamp is…ummm…56 cents!! Yikes!

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More Bling Chic! Yumminess!

Some of what I’ve been up to. I have some REALLY cool orders coming up that I’ll show you when they are complete–pretty colors!


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The Aisle: My Prototype

This is soooo perfect for what I imagine our aisle looking like:
(I don’t know who I snagged this photo from. Probably The Knot, but please let me know who I should credit if you know!)

Except with these colors:
From the Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog

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Somethin’ Blue


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