27 Dresses: The Lesson!

So, I dragged fiance with me to see the movie 27 Dresses this past weekend. Fiance loves going to the movies so much that he didn’t even give me push-back when I suggested that we use a Friday night out to see the movie.
Now, this movie has to be in a category of its own concerning people who would actually WANT to go see it. I mean, it’s like beyond a chick-flick–and to me seems like it would only appeal to either engaged chicks or really-ready-to-be-engaged chicks!
Judging by opening night and the twenty chicks in the movie theatre–I was right. Well 21–including my fiance.

I’m not going to “review” the movie except to say it was actually entertaining. I’d rather like to say that it brought up a really good point for all brides-to-be to consider: choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Brides-to-be need to remember that a bridesmaid dress is just that–a DRESS. It doesn’t have to say ‘Alfred Angelo’ or ‘Watters’ on the tag for it to work as a bridesmaid’s dress. In fact, most ‘certified’ bridesmaids dresses–mostly appearing in unflattering silhouettes…and tafetta–kind of suck and indeed cannot (or at least should not) be worn again.

Moral of the story: When considering your girls’ attire, look in places you’d normally look when shopping for party dresses for yourself! Pure common sense. Many have recently been touting JCrew and Ann Taylor celebrations collections as being good choices. But I don’t even like these, as still, the dresses were made expressly to be a part of a ‘celebrations,’ i.e. bridesmaids dress line.
I say look places that are COMPLETELY disconnected to the wedding machine like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy’s, Arden B, Spiegel….you get the point. These places have more interesting choices and this way you’re more likely to choose frocks your gals will love, and many times, that will be cheaper than the cookie-cutter ‘bridesmaids gowns.’

Here are some examples:
Max &Cleo Brocade Dress-Dillards-$138

Lydia beaded halter dress-Dillards-$110

Jessica Howard lace dress: Dillards-$80

Shirred Tube Dress: To the Max: $108

Ruby Rox Bubble Tube Dress-Dillards: $69

As U Wish Rosette Party Dress: Nordstrom-$78


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On Rose Petals…

Whether fresh, freeze dried or artificial, there are many places one could make use of rose petals in the course of a wedding day.
The first to come to mind are the ceremony aisle, of course, dinner tables, newlywed hotel suite, etc!
But one thing I’ve always had trouble with is exactly HOW MANY petals are needed to cover certain areas moderately, densely etc.
Apparently, it takes about 600 cups of petals for moderate coverage on a 50-foot aisle. 12,000 petals= 210 cups…
Here are a few web resources that breaks this down pretty well. Hope it helps!
Fifty Flowers Guide (Under ‘Product Details’)
PetalGarden Guide

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Mini Moon:Miami!

So–the ‘mini-moon‘ was fabulous!
Perfect weather, relaxation, good conversation and great eating!
When my fiance proposed that we take some time to get away, of course he never thought of it being a break from wedding planning. But his thoughtfulness= a perfect mini vacation.
Here’s what we did and some ‘mini’ reviews fit for a mini-moon/recommendations:
1. Lay on Beach and Do… Nothing: We stayed at the Ocean Surf, a no-frills art deco boutique hotel on North Beach so that’s where we did our ‘beaching.’ Recommend it because it’s quiet and not as crowded as SOBE–but also not too far from SOBE action when you feel like heading down to party! We were about a 10 minute drive from the action.
2. Eat at the small, local diners for breakfast and lunch: My fiance and I enjoyed two cuban restaurants and another small Columbian one for midday snacks while in Miami. Not only is the food at these places normally ‘home-style,’ large portions and extra yummy–it’s MUCH cheaper to eat at these places.
My favorite: Puerto Sagua on Collins in SOBE. It’s authentic Cuban–humongous portions–and oh-so cheap and yummy. Two huge spreads for $25. I had a huge steak that was so big it was served on its own plate; french fries; rice and black beans!
3. For Dinner, please eat at Texas de Brazil!!
OK–so Texas de Brazil, a churrascaria/brazilian steak house is not unique to Miami. You can find them in about a dozen locations. But I’ve been to SEVERAL of these steakhouses and Texas de Brazil takes the cake–or rather takes the meat!
Yum. Yum. Yum. And impeccable service! Don’t fill up too much on the 50 item salad bar or sushi bar…but do try the garlic shrimp and lobster bisque if they have it that day. There’s one near SOBE. Pricey but well worth it. If you sign up on their web site they’ll send you a 25% off coupon, too.
4. Have Dinner on Ocean Drive on Sunday between 4 and 8 p.m.
Several of the restaurants were offering HALF-OFF–yes HALF off their menus during this time! We ate at an excellent place called Prime Time at the Waldorf Towers Hotel on the beach front. Superb. Two awesome steaks, great calamari, paella and drinks for like $60!! In the center of SOBE!
5. Have a Wet Willies Daquiri
I know this place is ‘throwback’–BUT these icy drinks are GOOD! I love the Mudslide. If it’s midday though, please avoid the liquor-loaded drink properly named “Call a Cab.” My fiance was very tipsy off of one of these….
6. Go drinking and dancing at Mango’s
Awesome Mojitos…several dancing rooms…hot people dancing everywhere=good times!

7. Bar-hop on Collins at the hotel bars

All of the hotels are so uniquely decorated and the bars and people in them interesting. We enjoyed Hotel Shelley!
8. Do something Non-Touristy
We ventured into ‘Little Haiti’ to TRY to do this…but we couldn’t quite find where we going and were warned by several locals that we should beware of the area…so we left. But at least we tried!
9. Fly into Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm
We came into West Palm Beach and enjoyed the laid back and clean airport and the drive into Miami. It was relaxing and beautiful.
10. Bring some (Serious) Shopping Money
True Religion Store and tons of really hot boutiques! What more can a girl ask for!

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DIY: Blingy Branches!

Branches are a dramatic and effective decorating tool and are now coming colored,sparkled, glittered and iced to add an extra element to decor.
But these ‘designer’ branches often don’t come cheap and cost much more than a bundle of unembellished branches.
For example, Nettletown Hollow is selling a bundle of 25 4 foot birch branches for $16.50–while for just FOUR of the same ICED birch branches you pay $16.99. Same with the sparkle birch.
But I have the answer!

Save-On-Crafts, a wonderful wedding planning resource has a great idea for cutting costs and making your own iced branches using tacky glue and Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler.

Tree branches
Aleenes Tacky Glue
Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler by Garden Splendor

Step 1.

Place a sheet of newspaper down for a work area. Pour a pile of Colorfill Diamonds in the center.

Step 2.

Place tacky glue on the branches and roll in the Diamonds. Let set 1 hour and you have ice covered branches. Easy as that!

Variations: Add some artificial moss or red berries to some of the branches.

And Voila!

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Something Blue…?


E. Pucci
And Hot
Charles David
Get ’em HERE, HERE and HERE.
And, ooooh, if you get the Charles Davids, please pin a pretty, sparkly brooch to the top. Pretty please?

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Another Color-Picker Thingy

I just wanted to share this sweet tool that Brides.com has to help you generate a color palette: Color Studio.
I blogged a while ago about one color generator–but I really like the one at Brides.com.
It whipped together some fresh color combos I would never any think of!
Check it!
(I saw this on Weddingbee)

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Bless IKEA!
I spent about an hour in the store this afternoon (an hour is impressive–normally its around three) looking for wedding goodies.
By far my favorite find were these 99 cent table easels!

I’m going to either paint or spray paint these and maybe stamp them with flourishes to create a print. I’ll use them on our dinner tables to hold the table signs.

I also found some large and tall bundles of 6 foot tall straight willow branches which I bought to give to my florist. $14.99 each.

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New TV Show "Jumping the Broom" now casting African American Couples

AMS production group is doing the casting for a national network–not sure which…
Info below. I have no idea how timely this is…

Company: AMS Production Group
State: Any State
Posted On: Dec 31, 07 Expires On: Mar 31, 08


A new television series for a major network is looking for outgoing, African American couples who want to show the world the innovative ways you plan to say I DO! We’re currently casting couples from all walks of life with unique, fun and creative wedding plans!

Having a destination wedding? A ceremony rich in traditional African culture? Over-the-top nuptials with extra bling? A down-home affair? If your wedding plans are special and you and your fiancé would like to star in your own episode, we want to talk to you! All weddings must be January through March of 2008.

*New Wedding TV Show*

Hello all,
I am the Associate Producer for a new TV series called Jumping the
The program will feature African American couples and the experiences
have as they plan for their BIG DAY.
It will be positive, informative and entertaining. Each show will
different traditions specific to African American weddings and explore
ideas couples create to make their day special.
We are casting African American couples getting married in January,
or March of 2008 for this new docuseries. If you are interested or
someone who might be please get in touch with me at
Contact: Monika

Click HERE for the actual ad from www.realitywanted.com.

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Beaded Table Numbers

Want to get creative with how to let your wedding guests know where to sit for dinner?
I present to you these pretty, handmade table numbers from Etsy seller BrassPaperclip.
You can customize them to be made in any color bead–or even Swarovski crystals for a really blingy piece. And they can stick right into your flower arrangements!
This seems a bit more practical than the wooden table numbers I’ve seen covered with glued-on rhinestones…
And it seems like something you could do yourself with wire and beads if you’re even a little bit crafty…

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300% Mark Up!?

I read this today from a guy who claims to have been a floral wholesaler. Can anyone comment on whether this sounds right?

“I used to be in the wholesale flower business, so I can tell you some of the dark secrets. Florist’s usually operate on a three hundred percent mark up! There is nothing wrong with that, most florists are struggling to cover their over heads!”
From Helium.com

Obviously, we pay florists for their skill, creativity and time. But 300%!?

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