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June 20, 2008. random thoughts. 6 comments.

Is Beautiful Created Equal?

Is beautiful, beautiful??
From the New York Times:
Apparently the July issue of Italian Vogue will use only women of color throughout the magazine to call attention to prejudice. Read the article “Conspicuous By Their Presence” HERE.

See the slideshow: “Beautiful is Beautiful” HERE.

Needless to say, I think this is great. Growing up, I didn’t see an abundance of positive and beautiful images of women of color in media, especially African American women. Even in the toy stores, it was hard to find black barbies and dolls with dark skin. I know this may sound trivial, but I think that had to have at least some impact on my perception of beauty growing up. Even today, I can say that as a mommy of a toddler, sometimes I struggle to find dolls for my daughter with brown skin. **Sigh**

In many fashion magazines, you will see the ‘token’ black woman or black guy–as if they were included just to be politically correct and that is incredibly frustrating. So to have the disparity acknowledged, albeit not, of course, in the American Vogue…is encouraging.

I do not want my daughter to grow up under the impression that she is a second-class citizen; that somehow her beauty, her skin are ‘less-than.’ It is time to break down the barriers, the lies that have been promulgated throughout American history about what “black” is.

I want my daughter to grow up and be able to see images of African American women in the media that reinforce what I tell her everyday: “You are beautiful! You are perfect! Black is beautiful!”

June 19, 2008. beauty, random thoughts. 5 comments.

RSVP by Royal Mail!

We got an RSVP postcard back from Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom! They put it in an envelope with their own postage. I guess they didn’t trust our cute little postcard to make it back to the states in one piece! Note: the postage stamp is…ummm…56 cents!! Yikes!

June 19, 2008. random thoughts, rsvp. 1 comment.

The Blog is Hot!

It was just brought to my attention today that my little ole blog is featured on Alltop.com on the wedding page listed with some of the top blogs in the industry! Alltop is a “digital magazine rack” of the internet that features “all the top” stories from the web news sites and blogs. On their wedding page they have a sort of mini-feed of my new posts. Isn’t that cool?! It’s really exciting for me..because this blog started with intentions to be no more than a place for me to dump my planning thoughts.

May 30, 2008. random thoughts. 6 comments.

Small World

I just wanted to say thanks to the several hundred fabulous ladies (and maybe gents) who glance at this blog daily.
According to my stat counter, in one day I’ve had readers representing the below, and that’s really cool!

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300% Mark Up!?

I read this today from a guy who claims to have been a floral wholesaler. Can anyone comment on whether this sounds right?

“I used to be in the wholesale flower business, so I can tell you some of the dark secrets. Florist’s usually operate on a three hundred percent mark up! There is nothing wrong with that, most florists are struggling to cover their over heads!”
From Helium.com

Obviously, we pay florists for their skill, creativity and time. But 300%!?

January 3, 2008. random thoughts. Leave a comment.