RSVP by Royal Mail!

We got an RSVP postcard back from Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom! They put it in an envelope with their own postage. I guess they didn’t trust our cute little postcard to make it back to the states in one piece! Note: the postage stamp is…ummm…56 cents!! Yikes!


June 19, 2008. random thoughts, rsvp.

One Comment

  1. Brian Warren replied:

    Wow just reading all this stuff is like…so like…girly. 🙂 Where is your fiance’s blog. What’s the man of the house saying about all of this?

    And for the record…your stamp wasn’t quite enough for the return. See the pound is worth more. So that 56 cent stamp in the UK is worth $1.12 in US. Yikes!

    Yeah cost of living here is high. Enjoyed your blog look foward to the big day!

    Luv ya!


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