Blast from the past

A little history lesson.
This picture was taken in 1996.
It’s a really faded picture of me and my fiance.
In high school!
Something he just happened to still have long after we had broken up and gone our separate ways.
He has lots of pictures in albums from long ago… but this is my favorite.
And I just wanted to post it as a testament to how much I love, appreciate and admire him.
Everyday, my fiance is my better half.
It’s true.
He’s strong and brave and smart in all the ways I am not.
And I’d like to think I contribute equally.
Anyways, I cannot wait to make my vows to him next year…and our friendship is, in fact, the only reason for this blog.
I’m just very thankful for him, us and our future.
Enough for now…


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About the Bride-to-be


For the next 365 or so days this is where I will share anything and everything related to my wedding journey. A very little about me: Born and raised in suburban Cleveland, Ohio (Shaker Heights for those who will know) and now, 25 years later I am living and working in Washington, D.C.

During my 25 years I’ve done a lot… I think. I’ve been a rebel…dated the bad guys…went to college….lived in very rural appalachian Ohio…been an activist…lived and worked in Dayton, Ohio….lived and worked in New York City…wrote for two daily newspapers…been a television news reporter…

And now here I am in the nation’s capital–the mommy of a fierce two-year-old and a fiance to my high school sweetheart– working for the betterment of the environment and doing my part to influence policy to make that happen.

And now, although it is exactly one year and four days away, I am WELL into planning the most exciting day of my life: my wedding–to kick off the most exciting part of my life: a lifelong commitment and partnership with my love and bestest buddy:)

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