Oh! And P.S.

My teeth are white now!! I swear the Crest Whitestrips Supreme worked in a matter of days!!! Woohoo!


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Saturday is the Day!

Hello all!

Well—it has been a YEAR coming, but our Cleveland wedding is this Saturday!!! 

What I can tell you right now is that I am VERY tired!  And I need some serious sleep before Saturday. Heck before Friday as with the rehearsal and all that day is sure to be crazy too.

We got our marriage license this morning and I had my bridal shoot with Cleveland-area photographers Linczak Photgraphy.  It was a very out-of-the-box bridal session and we shot in a downtown martini lounge. It was very fun and I think the images will be cool!

Also on the wedding front:

–My linens from BBJ Linens are here. Have been here since Tuesday. How’s that for customer service??

–My flowers from Rose Source have been shipped. BUT. There is a but.  They emailed me (and phoned) yesterday to inform me I wouldn’t be receiving the dahlias I’d ordered and would in their place get hot pink spray roses. NOT happy about that. At all. But at this point I am like “whatever.”  This place has great customer service and I will see how the flowers are when they arrive.  But the fact that I’m not getting the dahlias is upsetting and makes me wonder how often this ‘substitution’ happens…

–I finished making our last DIY project–the programs–last night thanks to the help of fiance and my mom and toddler. I HAVE photos but I left my camera connector cord back in Maryland…so expect to see those along with a full recap of this week, later.

I don’t know how much I will be able to post in these coming days, so I want to say “thanks” to everyone who has followed the blog!!

Do know I WILL be back with details, reviews and lots and lots of pics!


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And the forecast says….

:::Drumroll please:::

83 degrees and sunny on the wedding day–next Saturday!!!! 10% chance of rain.

This is rocking my socks off right now! We’re talking about Cleveland people!!

I really hope this doesn’t change…

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From my new fave: http://www.colourlovers.com. Just enter the URL of a photo you love and it will give you about twenty suggested colors from which to create a color pallette. have fun!

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My Teeth are Mother of Pearl…

What is wrong with this picture? A typical work day.

THIS is the problem!!

And I’m hoping this will help!


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DIY Bridesmaid’s Flowers

So, if you’ve been following, I’ve been going back and forth with this.

I did a trial bouquet a few months ago, basically to see if it was something I could fairly easily do–and the verdict was YES, I could AND was pretty darn good at it! (For my first try!)

Here is what I made–seriously in 10 minutes:

Please note–the real bouquets will look nothing like this. This was just to see if I was capable!!

After my trial, I went through a phase of: “Oh…I won’t feel like it, I’ll just let the florist do it” and “Oh…what if there are issues with the flowers I order…”

So after some research and determination to save $$ and take this on myself, I have settled on Rose Source as my vendor.  They are not the cheapest online vendor.  But they have gotten rave reviews from several brides and I’ve seen actual photos of their roses and they are the large, premium roses.

But what really sold me today is that when I logged onto their web site, a chat window opened and a lady, Carla, began answering all of my questions. She informed me that they sell much more than roses and more even than is listed on their web site. The customer service Carla provided sold me!

So here is what I will be using as ingredients for the girls’ bouquets:

  • 100 fuschia premium Shocking Versilia roses
  • 100 hot pink dahlias
  • 50 stems of bright green Hypericum berries
  • 50 stems of green molucella/Bells of Ireland

These will de delivered to my mom’s house on Thursday morning where we will put them into buckets and let hydrate in the cool, dark basement.  And apparently, this company’s roses COME DETHORNED which will save an incredible amount of time and work! (I kinda still am doubtful that the roses will be dethorned…but why would they lie to me??)

A friend of mine actually used Rose Source for her DIY centerpiece and I think they looked really good!  (I can call her a friend because although I “met” her on The Knot we have had dinner together!)

Check her Knot Bio out here: http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/page.aspx?username=nykola Even if not for the flower photos, her bio is very inspiring.

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I didn’t think I would….

Butttt, I am becoming more and more compelled to wear a….veil. I picked up my gown earlier this week and it is perfect, but I feel like a veil would give it and me more of that “bride” look.

If I do wear a veil, it will certainly be a “birdcage” style veil…AND I am going to make it.

I bought a yard of netting from an Ebay millinery store which arrived yesterday, and I am really feeling it!  Actually, I was holding it up to my face and fiance–who rarely cares enough to say anything either way about wedding planning details–commented.

He said: “Is that what you’re wearing?  It’s old style. Very, Jacky-O-ish. I like.”

I think that’s enough to make me do it!

Here is a style veil I really like and may emulate:

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Do you remember the gorgeous dendro orchids I was playing with last year that I bought from local flower ‘street vendors for a great bargain?

My little kitchen trial!

Well, I just had an epiphany! 

I am SERIOUSLY going to buy a bunch from one of the flower vendors in DC right before I head to Cleveland for the wedding and stick them in a cooler in the back of my car to decorate our cocktail hour with. They WILL last from Tuesday to Saturday per the several trials I did with them.

Crazy?  Watch me!

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Gimme the pics!

From the time I saw Mrs. Cream Puff’s post on the photo sharing cards she had printed up for her wedding, I knew I would do this.  I had heard of the idea before–set up an online account with a photo hosting web site like Snapfish or flickr, then give your guests instructions on how to dump their digital photos from the wedding into that site for all to see!  But Cream Puff’s instruction cards were particularly thorough and well done, in my opinion AND she provided the text she used for people like me to lift!

I thought about having someone design a card for me to print, but with time running out I decided to just use a standard template from Vista Print.  This is what I ordered on their standard glossy postcards to let outr guests know about the photo sharing.  The cards (100 of them) were free using Vista’s weekly *free” promotions. (This is the front. Step by step instructions on how to upload on back)

Hey–you can never have enough photos! See Mrs. Cream Puff’s post on Weddingbee for the detailed wording.

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I loved my latest makeup trial….

Butttttt… I LOVE this woman’s makeup!! Is this WAY too dramatic?? Even for an evening wedding? 

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