My Teeth are Mother of Pearl…

What is wrong with this picture? A typical work day.

THIS is the problem!!

And I’m hoping this will help!



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Is Beautiful Created Equal?

Is beautiful, beautiful??
From the New York Times:
Apparently the July issue of Italian Vogue will use only women of color throughout the magazine to call attention to prejudice. Read the article “Conspicuous By Their Presence” HERE.

See the slideshow: “Beautiful is Beautiful” HERE.

Needless to say, I think this is great. Growing up, I didn’t see an abundance of positive and beautiful images of women of color in media, especially African American women. Even in the toy stores, it was hard to find black barbies and dolls with dark skin. I know this may sound trivial, but I think that had to have at least some impact on my perception of beauty growing up. Even today, I can say that as a mommy of a toddler, sometimes I struggle to find dolls for my daughter with brown skin. **Sigh**

In many fashion magazines, you will see the ‘token’ black woman or black guy–as if they were included just to be politically correct and that is incredibly frustrating. So to have the disparity acknowledged, albeit not, of course, in the American Vogue…is encouraging.

I do not want my daughter to grow up under the impression that she is a second-class citizen; that somehow her beauty, her skin are ‘less-than.’ It is time to break down the barriers, the lies that have been promulgated throughout American history about what “black” is.

I want my daughter to grow up and be able to see images of African American women in the media that reinforce what I tell her everyday: “You are beautiful! You are perfect! Black is beautiful!”

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Makeup Update

So my friend who did my first makeup trial is not coming to the wedding.
Basically, as she works at a spa in DC, her weekends are her bread and butter. So she was planning to buy a ticket to Cleveland and fly in for our Cleveland wedding Saturday morning JUST to do my makeup and then leave on a plane back to Washington that same afternoon. She would miss the ceremony and reception in order to make it back to the city for work that Sunday.

So…seeing as that 1)I am a reasonable person 2) I am not (yet) a bridezilla 3) The economy sucks and airfair is expensive and 4) there are other local makeup artists & 5) I did not love my makeup, I explained to my friend that it wasn’t that serious for her to fly-in and spend all that $$ on a plane ticket JUST to do my wedding. Besides, she is helping plan my upcoming bachelorette party and I am more than grateful for that alone. And she is going to hook me up with her MAC pro card!

That said, I have booked a makeup artist in Cleveland,Jason Kelly FaceArt who was voted #1 artist in the city a year or so ago by Cleveland alternative weekly SCENE Magazine. He does the Cav’s girls faces and has worked with many celebs. His work is awesome. In fact, my friend who was going to do my makeup knows of him and RAVED when she heard I had booked him.

Jason at work on r&b singer lana

Photo belongs to Jason Kelly

“He will make you look like a different person (in a good way),” she said.

So I am excited! I have a trial with Jason in Cleveland at the end of next month–on the same day as my boudoir photos I decided to do at the last minute with 831 Photography. (more on those lata).

So, I have relieved a friend and found an awesome makeup guy all in one swoop. Check and check!

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Hair Trial: Results

I got extensions today! I wanna wear my hair long(er) for the wedding, in big loose curls. So basically this hair would just be curled.  I am pleased! WDYT?


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Hair Trial Tomorrow!

So I’m getting a (kind of) hair trial tomorrow….
I’ll explain this more tomorrow!
I hope I like it more than my first makeup trial.

Also, we’re wrapping up the invites and hope to get them out this week, so I’ll post detailed pics of the finished product here soon.
Have a great Tuesday… and cherish this short work week!

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Makeup Trial This Sunday!!

So, I have my first makeup trial this weekend with a good friend of mine who just happens to be an Aveda esthetician! I’m super excited about this.
Her advice to me is that for the wedding I should go with one of two looks:
1) A classic, glam red lip with the rest of the face muted OR
2) a dramatic, smokey eye and lashes with a nude lip

Well, I did a search on some nude lip looks and was wondering how she planned to make that work with my complexion–all of the looks I saw…the pale, flesh colors would make me look like a zombie!
Until, that is, I came across this photo of Jen Hudson from an Allure magazine shoot.

Apparently this is the “nude” lip look–and as she has a complexion very similar to my own–I LOVE this! What do you think?

I think I may want my eyes played UP a bit more than this, but overall I think it is very natural-looking and pretty.
I’ll post pics of the trial on Sunday:)

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The Eyes Have It

I’ll be doing some make-up trials soon, the first with an Aveda makeup artist (a good friend of mine) in the DC-area and another with a former MAC artist who freelances in Cleveland. So I am starting to think about how I’d like my makeup to look for my bridals and the wedding.
I hear a lot of brides say they want their makeup to look, above all, “natural” on their wedding day.
And although I don’t want to look “made-up” and certainly not “overdone”–I can’t say I want to look “natural” to the point of looking like my every day self…

That said I want to look glammed up a bit, and I want the focus on my eyes.
I don’t consider Oprah Winfrey a ‘style icon’ for me, but I must say, it is photos of her makeup–particularly her EYES–that have stood out to me in looking for ‘inspiration’ photos.

What do you have in mind for your makeup for the big day?

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