From my new fave: Just enter the URL of a photo you love and it will give you about twenty suggested colors from which to create a color pallette. have fun!


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Procrastination & the 11th Hour

A year ago I was so gung-ho about getting things done for the wedding, hence the good amount of DIY projects I have managed to complete! But oddly, now that the wedding is just a few weeks away, I am in slug-mode…and I need to break out!

There are a few more projects I have ahead of me that I KNOW need to get done sooner than later, but I keep putting them off.  It’s not even that I’m sick of wedding planning–because I’m not! I’m still loving it as much as I did from Day 1….

Here are some things I need to get started on now:

1. Ceremony Programs: I am a thorough writer and writing is very easy to me, but for some reason I am kind of dreading having to do this. Not sure why.

2. Rehearsal Mixer Invitations: I think I am maybe putting this one off because I know it is not necessary and it an “extra” type thing. Basically, in lieu of a formal sit down rehearsal dinner we’re hosting a meet-and-greet mixer type thing for our wedding party and out of town guests. So..hmm…I guess invites ARE necessary for our out of town guests, right? Need to get on it. Was going to DIY…but may be taking advantage of Etsy for this one. Maybe I’ll just use that pretty left over damask print paper to line the envelopes or something.

3. Table Assignments and Placecard Madness: The thought of doing this is annoying and I will definitely be marshalling fiance to take the lead on this.  I have decided to use fairly basic placecards and place them on a bed of carnations, so the ‘carnation bed’ (silks for this one) is something I need to start making–easy but will be tedious for sure.

4. Menu Printing/Ordering the Cardstock

5. Aisle Runner: I’ve decided to NOT get a customized one.  I would like to get a colored runner however, a grey/silver. Anyone know where I can find one?

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The Truth About Candles

Here are some things I have learned while planning out the decor for my wedding–which by the way–is next month!

True: Decorating your wedding and reception with flowers can get very expensive.

True: Non-floral centerpieces can be an excellent and cheaper option.

Untrue: Candles are always a much cheaper way to decorate.

Now let me explain this last nugget of wisdom…the “untrue” part.  So, if you’re talking about using say, eh, three, four–even ten VOTIVE candles to decorate your tables–well then candles could be a significantly cheaper way to decorate.

But when you’re talking about using candles in mass to make a striking and dramatic impact–which in my opinion is the only way to do it–let me tell you it is not cheap.  In fact, depending on how much of a bargain seeker you are or are not–candles could end up costing you about the same as floral.

I’m talking pillar candles here, however. Not just your small votives or tea-light holders. And pillars aint cheap!  Add to the cost of the pillars the cost of glass vases to place them in (you’ll normally need this for safety plus the light reflecting on the glass is gawgeous) and you are talking some serious cash.

Now, I love flowers–don’t get me wrong.  That’s why no matter how much candlelight we have we will have fresh flowers–and a nice amount– on our tables.

But something about the idea of a completely or almost completely candlelit space just intrigues me and seems that it would have so much impact.

I had my little heart set on creating something like the above photo, but after doing the math and figuring well above a thousand dollars for all the pillars and vases I would need to make impact, I began to back down from the idea…UNTIL I met Sarah, who is getting married a few weeks before me in Cleveland and who is having a basically flowerless reception with lots of candles. Try like 500 candles with corresponding glass vases. And guess what? She is so gracious as to be willing to pass them on to me for a fair price! Actually, she found me through this blog! 

So looks like I may be able to make this happen after all!

So question, because this is one of fiance’s concerns. Can you ever have TOO MANY candles in a space?

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I think I’ve Fallen Again…

So I’ve talked kinda a lot about carnations here, and how gawgeous I think they are when used in masse.

Well, today I stumbled on the awesome Fiore Blossoms blog and saw these cute hanging pomanders:

So I had to post them here because they look SOOOOOO similar to my florist centerpiece mock-up–of which I shared a glimpse a few months ago. Here is the glimpse again:

By Helene Piler of Cleveland, Ohio-area Hosanna Designs

It just has me excited again about these centerpieces, which will grace about half of our dinner tables! I don’t I have been planning and blogging for nearly a year now, it’s easy to fall in love with other things and second-guess my choices.  

It feels good to fall back in love!

PS. The aforementioned blog, Fiore Blossoms is really, really good and excellent if you are needing some floral inspiration:)


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The Aisle: My Prototype

This is soooo perfect for what I imagine our aisle looking like:
(I don’t know who I snagged this photo from. Probably The Knot, but please let me know who I should credit if you know!)

Except with these colors:
From the Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog

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I think I am in love! Polyvore is a virtual ‘dressing room’ or ‘outfit creator’ where you can pull items from different web sites and import your own items to create sort of fashion boards. But of course the web site is great for creating wedding-ish inspiration boards too.
Here’s one I made of the types of things I’d love to see in my wardrobe this summer.

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Chic it up, baby!

I know I am partial to this Etsy store because 1) its storefront is in my wedding colors and 2) they sell damask decor.  But you should check out this eye candy anyway.  The store is called “Chic Shack” and its slogan:”Chic it up, baby!”  

They sell cool vinyl wall stickers…you know, the large decals you can stick on your walls to add instant…chic-ness!  Also see their blog for much inspiration!

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The Power of Candlelight

I won’t blog in full about the beautiful, vintage wedding of Knottie 99 Vintage Glam, as it has splashed through the blog world!
But I WILL say that her budget wedding (under $15,000) according to Snippet&Ink, has further convinced me of something I’ve already known…candles go a LONG way and, in my opinion, give more bang for your buck than flowers ever can. Unless, that is, you are using someone crazy like Preston Bailey or working with an outrageous budget.
But for any bride really seeking an intimate and dually dramatic look, candles are the way to go.
This is great news especially for budget brides!

Tonight I am basking in the candlelight of some of the pillar candles I have purchased for our wedding…and certainly planning on buying many more:)

my hodge podge of after-work candles!

convincing me more and more

to cut my floral bill!!

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I don’t watch tv, so I only saw this video because I heard and love the song and was just curious. So I sought it out on YouTube.
I love it!!
No, this is not off (wedding) topic, because I really love Estelle’s eyes in the video! I also really love her first outfit (the halter neck dress)! Such a feminine look, perfect for spring. And the pretty damask back-drop at the end. Not to mention the song is just crazy hot! Definitely qualifies as inspiration (in odd form).

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Four (4) (IV) Friday Finds

Since I’m not doing anything wedding-related today (I started assembling my pocketfold invitations last night…and let’s just say I’m glad I started early)

<—sneaky peaky

me with tape roller that kinda sucks…

I thought I’d share a few cool things I’ve recently come across.

1. Custom Family Signage
What a thoughtful Wedding/Housewarming Gift this personalized sign would be!  $28 from Etsy store, Nestlings 

2. Envelope Back!

In case you missed the original discussion of envelope back…
An alternative to the decorative stamp we are using on our invitations are these very fab stickers that give you a three-punch value: decoration, color AND information (your return adress). Hey, that’s one up on our stamp…well, depending on what kind of ink we use…From Etsy store Zoopri.

3. Couture Stationery!
From Studio Ayt. I have had this photo saved to my desktop for some time now. So I thought I’d share the porn. I mean look at it!!!! These are somewhere around $15 a piece! But I’m sure you creative ladies could if necessary, create an “inspired by” version for cheaper!

4. Hot Necklace
I’m not wearing a necklace for the wedding, but if I was, I would love something like this with a simple gown. Absolutely stunning.
Just $75 from DesigningBride–a website I don’t hear cited that much–so check it out of you haven’t.

And yeah…that’s all. Have a great weekend!

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