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Invitations went out Monday! Woo! And I promise to post thorough pics of all the pieces and final product tonight. But until then, I have our wedding website on my mind.

I ‘launched’ our wedding website in all of my newly-engaged enthusiasm…last OCTOBER. And obviously, up until recently I have been the main visitor! I mean, I’ve told friends and family here and there about it, but until now there was really not much of a reason for anyone to visit our site.

Well, yesterday, we received our very FIRST electronic RSVP! And I am super excited about it because our web hosting site,, stores all of that info in a highly customizable way. It allowed me to import all of our guests’ names from Excel and then ‘restrict their seats.’ That meant, I could go into the system and specify how many seats we had reserved for each guest–which allowed us to control our guest list!! So I hope many of our guests choose this method of RSVP and just save the cute postcard stamp for another day.

Fiance and I were under the assumption that mostly our young-er guests would use the online option, but so far we’ve been proved wrong and there is a 50/50 split between the younger/older generation saying ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ online! Who were we to doubt our elders’ computer skills?


June 5, 2008. invitations.

One Comment

  1. Jenna replied:

    Wow, that RSVP function sounds amazing! I wish you could customize a little message to pop up from Emily Post or Ms. Manners about how rude it is to RSVP for more people than were actually invited, LOL

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