Procrastination & the 11th Hour

A year ago I was so gung-ho about getting things done for the wedding, hence the good amount of DIY projects I have managed to complete! But oddly, now that the wedding is just a few weeks away, I am in slug-mode…and I need to break out!

There are a few more projects I have ahead of me that I KNOW need to get done sooner than later, but I keep putting them off.  It’s not even that I’m sick of wedding planning–because I’m not! I’m still loving it as much as I did from Day 1….

Here are some things I need to get started on now:

1. Ceremony Programs: I am a thorough writer and writing is very easy to me, but for some reason I am kind of dreading having to do this. Not sure why.

2. Rehearsal Mixer Invitations: I think I am maybe putting this one off because I know it is not necessary and it an “extra” type thing. Basically, in lieu of a formal sit down rehearsal dinner we’re hosting a meet-and-greet mixer type thing for our wedding party and out of town guests. So..hmm…I guess invites ARE necessary for our out of town guests, right? Need to get on it. Was going to DIY…but may be taking advantage of Etsy for this one. Maybe I’ll just use that pretty left over damask print paper to line the envelopes or something.

3. Table Assignments and Placecard Madness: The thought of doing this is annoying and I will definitely be marshalling fiance to take the lead on this.  I have decided to use fairly basic placecards and place them on a bed of carnations, so the ‘carnation bed’ (silks for this one) is something I need to start making–easy but will be tedious for sure.

4. Menu Printing/Ordering the Cardstock

5. Aisle Runner: I’ve decided to NOT get a customized one.  I would like to get a colored runner however, a grey/silver. Anyone know where I can find one?


July 8, 2008. decorations, details, inspiration, invitations.


  1. Eliana@BYSE replied:

    Why don’t you try to buy colored fabric at Joann’s to use for your aisle runner?

  2. Landra replied:

    Hey Meg,

    I love the place card idea! Here is a link to some colored aisle runners:

  3. Corey replied:

    I did the same thing when I was doing my wedding last year. I did my own menus, programs, OOT bags etc and got so much done ahead of time and then right before the wedding I hit the burnout stage and found myself scurrying the month before! I think a lot of DIY brides do this!

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