27 Dresses: The Lesson!

So, I dragged fiance with me to see the movie 27 Dresses this past weekend. Fiance loves going to the movies so much that he didn’t even give me push-back when I suggested that we use a Friday night out to see the movie.
Now, this movie has to be in a category of its own concerning people who would actually WANT to go see it. I mean, it’s like beyond a chick-flick–and to me seems like it would only appeal to either engaged chicks or really-ready-to-be-engaged chicks!
Judging by opening night and the twenty chicks in the movie theatre–I was right. Well 21–including my fiance.

I’m not going to “review” the movie except to say it was actually entertaining. I’d rather like to say that it brought up a really good point for all brides-to-be to consider: choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Brides-to-be need to remember that a bridesmaid dress is just that–a DRESS. It doesn’t have to say ‘Alfred Angelo’ or ‘Watters’ on the tag for it to work as a bridesmaid’s dress. In fact, most ‘certified’ bridesmaids dresses–mostly appearing in unflattering silhouettes…and tafetta–kind of suck and indeed cannot (or at least should not) be worn again.

Moral of the story: When considering your girls’ attire, look in places you’d normally look when shopping for party dresses for yourself! Pure common sense. Many have recently been touting JCrew and Ann Taylor celebrations collections as being good choices. But I don’t even like these, as still, the dresses were made expressly to be a part of a ‘celebrations,’ i.e. bridesmaids dress line.
I say look places that are COMPLETELY disconnected to the wedding machine like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy’s, Arden B, Spiegel….you get the point. These places have more interesting choices and this way you’re more likely to choose frocks your gals will love, and many times, that will be cheaper than the cookie-cutter ‘bridesmaids gowns.’

Here are some examples:
Max &Cleo Brocade Dress-Dillards-$138

Lydia beaded halter dress-Dillards-$110

Jessica Howard lace dress: Dillards-$80

Shirred Tube Dress: To the Max: $108

Ruby Rox Bubble Tube Dress-Dillards: $69

As U Wish Rosette Party Dress: Nordstrom-$78


January 23, 2008. fashion, gowns, reviews.

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