Recap Detour: More Ceremony Pics!!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but in addition to our amazing photographer Corey and her second shooter, we had a third photographer who got some great photos! His name is Nick and he’s from Los Angeles, Calif.-based NPhocus Photography. He is one of my hubby’s frat brothers and is really good at what he does. So if you’re in SoCal and are looking for a talented up and coming photographer for your wedding or event, do check Nick out!
I just got a disc of some photos he took today–although some photos I’ve posted were taken by him including the very first, AWESOME image I posted in the “Mrs.” post of hubby lifting me in the air by the fountain.

Enjoy a few good ones he captured that give a different perspective of the ceremony and afterwards…

If you look carefully here, you can see me making my walk around to the ceremony entrance.

Loved their bouts!

Lastly, I love this one of my mother-in-law and the children


September 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Eliana@BYSE replied:

    Love the aisle decor

  2. sonya replied:

    The kids are sooo adorable!

  3. slvrlips replied:

    your pictures are gorgeous!!!

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