Recap Part I: The DIY Flowers

On the Thursday before the wedding, I woke up to learn that our flowers from Rosesource had arrived—exactly when they were supposed to. I was happy and relieved that the flowers were here, (you never know for sure when ordering online) but this vendor had already left a sour taste in my mouth when they attempted to contact me a day before my delivery to say they would not be able to send the box of dahlias I had ordered and would instead be “substituting” a box of hot pink spray roses for my order.  

Now to be clear, I’d ordered the Rosesource flowers to make my 7 bridesmaid’s bouquets with DIY.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted to create. And that idea was centered around dahlias!!  I have to say I was pissed when I learned I would not be receiving the dahlias.  I mean, what the heck was a ‘spray rose’???   

My frustration was confirmed when I ripped open the boxes of flowers and prepared to prep them.  The 100 stems of fuschia ‘Shocking Versilia’ roses I’d ordered looked OK as did the Bells of Ireland.  But the spray roses.  I hated them, with their small heads.  And honestly, they looked dead! 

Dead-looking spray roses

Now I didn’t give up hope that fast because I’d done my research on farm direct flowers and had repeatedly read that flowers often arrive in BAD shape but would perk up after being cut and hydrated. 

That day, with so much else to do, Drue and I took two hours, sitting on the basement floor of mom’s house to get the flowers in water—especially the horrid spray roses.  First we went to a dollar store and bought about 6 buckets. We didn’t have time to buy flower-cutting shears, something I had forgotten.  So we used house scissors to de-leave and de-thorn 100 roses, 100 stems of spray roses, 50 stems of bells of Ireland and 50 stems of hypericum berry.  We made a mess, but it was an easy clean-up because we laid down mats first.  After cutting the stems we placed the flowers in buckets of lukewarm water and put them in the cool, dark laundry room. I said a quick prayer that the spray roses would perk up because I knew I wouldn’t have much time to revisit the flowers until it was time to assemble the bouquets.
Photobucket Photobucket

My mom helping out in her laundry room..then flower studio…
 Later that day I did purchase some flower shears and went to the grocery store where the lady in floral was happy to let me grab a few handfuls of flower food for free.  Later I took a minute to recut the stems again with the correct shears and changed the water. Hours after I had put them into water, the spray roses had perked up barely. 

I had to leave the flowers there until I got around to making the bouquets. And that wouldn’t be until about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning!! Wedding day. Yikes!

To be continued!


September 4, 2008. Tags: . decorations, details, flowers.


  1. Linda, The Do-It-Yourself Florist replied:

    I’m so sorry you experienced these challenges on what should have been one of the best days of your life. I’m anxious to see the finished results!

    Linda Estill, The Do-It-Yourself Florist

  2. shea replied:

    Hey Meg,

    All of your floral arrangemnts were absolutely STUNNING!!!


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