My Teeth are Mother of Pearl…

What is wrong with this picture? A typical work day.

THIS is the problem!!

And I’m hoping this will help!



August 9, 2008. beauty, details.


  1. Renee replied:

    I stumbled across your blog and love it! What are you planning to do with your hair for the wedding? I’m looking for tips for myself! Your hair is similar to my own and I’m curious as to what styles you’re considering. I’d love to keep it down, but think I want something a bit more dramatic since I always wear it down. Any suggestions?

  2. myclevelandwedding replied:

    Hi there!!
    So…I actually am not sure! Haha. I know I want to wear it down or just like half up half down. But if I do half up I want it very ‘simple’, you know. I’m thinking I’ll just have it curled or roller set and then some pulled up. I have a few photos for inspiration I can send you if you want.

  3. Dana replied:

    For your teeth, you might want to try to brush with salt and baking soda. It helps remove some of the coffee stain.

  4. kcgirlindc replied:

    Megs! I cannot believe that it’s almost here!!! I will keep reading! This is Stacy by the way 🙂 And Bubba is doing good. I need to update my blog…

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