I didn’t think I would….

Butttt, I am becoming more and more compelled to wear a….veil. I picked up my gown earlier this week and it is perfect, but I feel like a veil would give it and me more of that “bride” look.

If I do wear a veil, it will certainly be a “birdcage” style veil…AND I am going to make it.

I bought a yard of netting from an Ebay millinery store which arrived yesterday, and I am really feeling it!  Actually, I was holding it up to my face and fiance–who rarely cares enough to say anything either way about wedding planning details–commented.

He said: “Is that what you’re wearing?  It’s old style. Very, Jacky-O-ish. I like.”

I think that’s enough to make me do it!

Here is a style veil I really like and may emulate:


August 8, 2008. fashion.


  1. Ms. 122 replied:

    Super cute!

  2. tashtang replied:

    Wear the veil, you will look beautiful and it will make your FI smile even more 🙂

  3. rachael replied:

    yeah Meg!!! that is great…I know what you mean…the veil makes it go from just a beautiful gown to a wedding dress…

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