Do you remember the gorgeous dendro orchids I was playing with last year that I bought from local flower ‘street vendors for a great bargain?

My little kitchen trial!

Well, I just had an epiphany! 

I am SERIOUSLY going to buy a bunch from one of the flower vendors in DC right before I head to Cleveland for the wedding and stick them in a cooler in the back of my car to decorate our cocktail hour with. They WILL last from Tuesday to Saturday per the several trials I did with them.

Crazy?  Watch me!


August 5, 2008. centerpiece, decorations, flowers.


  1. Dana replied:

    It is very pretty. I am sure the flowers will last.

  2. lovelaughterelegance replied:

    Sounds like a great idea, Meghan! Will this be in addition to the carnation escort card tray, and all of the candles? Just wondering.

    Kim Lehman

  3. myclevelandwedding replied:

    Hey Kim–Yes, this will be in addition to the candles, etc. I am kind of “iffy” on finishing the carnation tray. LOL!! It is REALLY a time and $$ sink. But I have a big section done, so I’m using it regardless, somewhere!!

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