Gimme the pics!

From the time I saw Mrs. Cream Puff’s post on the photo sharing cards she had printed up for her wedding, I knew I would do this.  I had heard of the idea before–set up an online account with a photo hosting web site like Snapfish or flickr, then give your guests instructions on how to dump their digital photos from the wedding into that site for all to see!  But Cream Puff’s instruction cards were particularly thorough and well done, in my opinion AND she provided the text she used for people like me to lift!

I thought about having someone design a card for me to print, but with time running out I decided to just use a standard template from Vista Print.  This is what I ordered on their standard glossy postcards to let outr guests know about the photo sharing.  The cards (100 of them) were free using Vista’s weekly *free” promotions. (This is the front. Step by step instructions on how to upload on back)

Hey–you can never have enough photos! See Mrs. Cream Puff’s post on Weddingbee for the detailed wording.


August 5, 2008. details, photography.


  1. Jenna replied:

    I will be doing this as well. I think I will purchase my flickr account today.

  2. Rahael replied:

    I did it and had more people post on facebook (12) than on flickr (0). I hope people start to post soon!

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