Progress at Crunch Time: Part II: DOC!!

I finally have a DOC! That is, a day of coordinator for our wedding. Woo!!

For those who know me and follow the blog, you are well aware that I have been very involved in planning me and fiance’s August wedding.  But as time grew nearer to the date, I realized that it was going to be imperative for me to have help to be sure all of my hard work was executed!

I’d heard too many stories of brides who spent hours upon hours of time planning and wanting things set up a specific way–only to have those plans crumble and not happen on the wedding day–not because all of the pieces weren’t there–but because there wasn’t someone who knew how to put it all together.

So, my right-hand woman will be Kim Lehman of Massilon, Ohio-based Love, Laughter and Elegance wedding and event planning.

What I love about Kim is that she has been following my blog and wedding plans for several months now, so she KNOWS what I am going for and I really had to explain very little to her!  She will help run our rehearsal and will be on site the day of wedding, managing vendors and making sure things run smoothly/timeline is kept. 

Kim met fiance and I downtown at our venue at our final meeting with the venue coordinator–which took wayyy long I must note!  She stuck around as we finalized our menu and made final decisions as to our table layout and ceremony layout–including a very grand entrance path for moi! (More on that later…)

Kim also gave me a very thoughtful ‘welcome’ bag for booking her as our DOC.  It included some yummy bath stuff and some damask print goodies that go with a part of our ‘theme.’

Knowing she will be there to handle logistics has really increased my comfort level WAY MORE than I could have imagined, and I really can say that I recommend a DOC for those who aren’t doing a full out planner. Kim is awesome, for Cleveland-are brides and I will do a full review of her services after the wedding.


July 23, 2008. vendors.


  1. Corey replied:

    I look forward to meeting Kim and getting all the details for your wedding. I know that having a DOC for my wedding was the BEST money I spent (besides my photographer of course!). They really take ALL the stress away, there were a lot of small things that went wrong but my DOC handled it all and I never had to stress about it. She was so worth the money! I’m SO glad to hear you are going this route, with all of your amazing details and planning I would hate to see something go wrong!

  2. The Pissed Off Bride replied:

    I agree. I never thought I would get a planner but I did. Having someone there for the day of will relieve so much stress. You do not need to answer a million vendor “where do you want this?” questions on your special day.

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