Progress at Crunch Time: Part I: Makeup Success!

So I visited Cleveland this past weekend for a wedding fiance and I had to attend and ALSO to tie up lose ends and finalize everything for our wedding next month!  In the few (very busy) days I had in town I made a lot of progress in several areas.  

The first I will share is my makeup trial with Jason Kelly of Jason Kelly Faceart.  I blogged about Jason before, but there is nothing like seeing him work his magic for yourself.  I told him I wanted to look natural–not “done up” but still a little evening glam.  A smokey eye look without being too harsh for a bride….

Let me know what you think!


July 22, 2008. fashion, vendors.


  1. lovelaughterelegance replied:


    I love the look! It’s very sophisticated! Perfect! I should hire this gentleman to come do me up every morning. Think he’s open?

    Kim Lehman

  2. Linda replied:


  3. Jenna replied:

    It looks gorgeous!

  4. Leigh replied:

    Megs you look like a movie star! I want him to do my makeup!

  5. TT replied:

    I think he did an amazing job!!!

  6. Nikki replied:

    I think this is THE LOOK for your big day!!! He’s the bomb!!!!

  7. Corey replied:

    I LOVE the second imaage – you look beautiful! Much better than the last trial but the important question is how do YOU feel in it??

  8. Sarah replied:

    looks great!

  9. Dana replied:

    The make up is subtle yet sophisticated. It looks great.

  10. Shea replied:

    Hey Meg,

    Can’t wait for the big day. You look amazing!!!


  11. Eliana@BYSE replied:

    You look amazing!

  12. kristin @ the fairmount bride replied:

    it looks beautiful!

  13. Landra replied:

    Gorgeous Meg! i love the look!

  14. Vivian replied:

    I have been reading your blog for the longest time! I think you look absolutely lovely! You always want to look like yourself, only better on your wedding day – not like someone else!

  15. Samantha replied:

    Just jumped over to your new blog. The makeup looks soooooo pretty!

    **BTW:soooo many people have commented to me on how cute your little girl is (pic that I told you about on my planning bio)**

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