Coastin-and-a- Toastin

Courtesy of Knottie ConnieJeff. How adorable are these babies?  And how adorable will they be when I stamp them with a pretty colored stamp? 100 for $20.

Oh…they’re coasters. Just in case you didn’t catch my clever, slightly corny wordsmithing.


July 15, 2008. decorations, details, Uncategorized, vendors.


  1. Dana replied:

    These are cute. When you say knot are you referring to someone who is blogging on The Knot?

  2. myclevelandwedding replied:

    I’m talking about someone on The Knot who is a “Knottie-for-hire”–which just means they offer a service. Connie has been married for a few years now, but she still makes coasters. And they are very nice!

  3. Kellie replied:

    These costers are so cute and by the way you are so creative and your wedding looked goregous! Could you by chance pass along Connie’s email or a way I can email her for costers?

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