Bling Cardstock??

So I was searching around Ebay for cardstock to make some of the signs I’ll need for the wedding–you know signs that will say where to put cards, where to get programs etc. (I decided no need to buy a pack of 100 or even 25 sheets of cardstock for a half dozen signs. I plan to mount the signs on some nice cardstock.)

Anyway, I successfully found numerous listings on Ebay for three to five sheets of cardstock for a few bucks. And in my search for “hot pink cardstock” I came across Bazzill Bling Cardstock!  Now I am no scrapbooker so I have no idea what this is. All I know is it looked pretty and had the word “bling” in its title. So I promptly purchased some!

I got three sheets of 12X12 in “Black Tie” and “Diva,” a dark pink shade!












Here’s a card someone made using the paper. Yummy!

Will report back when it arrives!


July 9, 2008. Tags: , . decorations.

One Comment

  1. Eliana@BYSE replied:

    Can’t wait to see the projects you make with this gorgeous paper!

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