Speaking of Beauty & Black & Brides….

To build on yesterday’s post about the Italian Vogue July issue…

One of my BFFs who just happens to also be one of my bridesmaids is a model. She worked over in England for a while and was actually featured on the cover of a London bridal mag!

That just got me to thinking…
How many times have I seen a black girl grace the cover of any U.S. bridal mags? Does the U.S. have hang-ups with race that other countries do not? (Hey, I know this is likely a “duh” question but I will pose it anyway).

I honestly can’t recall, except for a niche publication targeted at women of color, like Brides Noir.

Anyways, here is my gorgeous girlfriend in all of her bridal glory!

And on HER REAL wedding day:


June 20, 2008. fashion.


  1. Kate replied:

    My god she’s beautiful! There should definitely be more black brides in bridal mags – I agree.

  2. Dana replied:

    You friend is beautiful. As obsessed as I am with weddings, I wish I had a enough money to start a magazine or a website for African-American or women of color brides.

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