Makeup Trial #1:Too.Much.Makeup. I Think.

And certainly NOT the last.

So I finally had the trial I was supposed to do Sunday and the moral of the story is: I like it basically except for the foundation–it is way to heavy for me.  And although I want a ‘smokey’ sultry eye, I’m not sure I love my whole eyes how they look here.  I was surprised the foundation came out so heavy looking like this because she used airbrush….
We have scheduled another trial.  Fiance also weighed in on my face.  He wants me to “look like myself and not a mannequin” on our wedding day.  He likes “the smoke eye” as he so accurately calls the look.  But he likes my natural skin–hates foundation.  And he didn’t like the what he called “gold eyeshadow” with my trial smokey-eye face.  He’s so cute:)  But I do take his advice seriously, because after all, who am I getting all dolled up FOR?? Hahaha. Double-click pics to get up close and personal. Pimple and all.
Me bare-faced:                                                                And after the trial:


May 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Michelle *Micki* replied:

    No! It is very lovely. You want a little bit more color for the photos. 🙂

  2. Dana replied:

    I think the look is great. The most important thing is if you are comfortable with it.

  3. Anonymous replied:

    your hair and skin in your natural photo is very pretty(whats your secret!!) and the make up is pretty…i know when you arent used to seeing yourself like that it can take some adjusting…but for photos you will want that type of finish…

  4. Lara@ Southern Wedding Style replied:

    You look beautiful! I LOVE your blog!!

  5. Big Shot replied:

    I don’t think so at all. Beautiful. You gotta put more for the wedding w/all the pictures and everything.

  6. rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs replied:

    I love it!

  7. My replied:

    I might seem like a lot of makeup but in professional pictures it will photograph well.

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