Makeup Trial This Sunday!!

So, I have my first makeup trial this weekend with a good friend of mine who just happens to be an Aveda esthetician! I’m super excited about this.
Her advice to me is that for the wedding I should go with one of two looks:
1) A classic, glam red lip with the rest of the face muted OR
2) a dramatic, smokey eye and lashes with a nude lip

Well, I did a search on some nude lip looks and was wondering how she planned to make that work with my complexion–all of the looks I saw…the pale, flesh colors would make me look like a zombie!
Until, that is, I came across this photo of Jen Hudson from an Allure magazine shoot.

Apparently this is the “nude” lip look–and as she has a complexion very similar to my own–I LOVE this! What do you think?

I think I may want my eyes played UP a bit more than this, but overall I think it is very natural-looking and pretty.
I’ll post pics of the trial on Sunday:)


May 16, 2008. beauty.

One Comment

  1. Dana replied:

    I love the look. I think that you are right, maybe have the eyes played up more. Maybe a little more color on the lips.

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