Can I tell you how much I love
Actually–no–can I say how much I love certain incredibly resourceful Knotties?
So….as you know, I have had a VERY difficult time finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Well, today, fabulous Knottie KarlandJoni told me about a great deal on where the fuschia Stuart Weitzman peep-toes I have been obsessing over were on a super-duper sale.
I mean a sale like marked down from $360 to less than $150!
My fiance-imposed shoe budget was $200…so before this sale I had no hopes of getting this shoe.
The catch is (always a catch) I am a size eight and the shoe I ordered (all that was left) is a size seven and a half.
But it IS a peep-toe, which in my experience, usually work better a bit smaller anyway (because your toes tend to slide forward and away from the shoe backing).
Also, the Knottie who directed me to the sale said she actually tried this gawgeous shoe on IN PERSON and in her regular size, it was too big–to the point it came off her foot when she walked.
Soooo, my odds look good for this one ladies!
And now, my lucky, lucky eye candy!



May 9, 2008. fashion, shoes.


  1. Dana replied:

    Those shoes are hot. They are similar to what I want to wear with my wedding dress but in aqua.

  2. Tenisha replied:

    I am so glad that u finally found “the shoes”!!!

    -T Bride 2 Be

  3. Meg replied:

    I hope they work for you!

  4. Anonymous replied:


    These shoes are amazing. I hope it works out.


  5. Mindy replied:

    Those look awesome! I’m so happy you finally found some you love! I’m crossing my fingers they work out for you!

  6. Big Shot replied:

    Also, if the shoe is too tight – you can get the shoe stretched. Take it to a good cobbler.

  7. Corey B replied:

    Those shoes are AMAZING!!!!

    If you get them before next Thursday and they don’t fit let me know, I’ll be in NYC for a couple days and I can hit up Bloomingdales in person to see if they have your size and maybe they’ll let you exchange via phone?

    Oooo man, I cannot wait to see those! Lucky girl!

  8. mnc replied:

    Thanks for your kind words and advice ladies!!

  9. Sarah replied:

    yay the shoe issue has been resolved!

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