Flower Trial: DIY Bridesmaid Bouquet

This was my very first time making a bouquet, and for a “first time”, I’m pleased with the results and confident I can make my bridesmaid’s bouquets for the wedding! I will save a good amount of money doing this!

For the mock-up I just bought some roses from a downtown street vendor plus some other cheap flowers to work with. For the real bouquets, I plan to use all premium roses from Global Rose in shades of pink and no filler.


May 2, 2008. flowers.


  1. Elly replied:

    Love it!

  2. Meg replied:

    Looks great! (Isn’t it surprisingly easy to arrange flowers?)

  3. Corey B replied:

    I made my own tossing “fortune” bouquets and I found that it was amazingly easy to create bouquets! This is beautiful – I can’t wait to see the real deals the day of (oh and what a cutie your “model” is!).

  4. Sarah replied:

    It looks great. I can’t believe how many DIY projects you have taken on!

  5. mnc replied:

    Thanks, ladies!! It is easy. And Miss Dahlia, you inspired me to just do it from your WeddingBee post on your success. I think your reasoning is very good: Flowers are pretty, therefore flowers grouped together will be pretty! LOL

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