The Shoes that Could Have Been…

Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm in writing about this.
But I am not happy, because the crazy, ridiculous, pink and purple satin shoes I was counting on were too big and they have been sent back.
And now, I am still without shoes.
So here you go. The long awaited pics of the shoe, on its way back to the UK.

Image from retailer:


April 21, 2008. fashion, shoes.


  1. Dana replied:

    To shoes were sexy. To bad that you had to send them back.

  2. Corey B replied:

    Those shoes look WAY better on you than they did on the model. I’m sorry they had to go back!! Are you getting a smaller size or going with another shoe? What a bummer!

  3. Meg replied:

    In case you aren’t able to get those shoes in a smaller size, J Crew has a bunch of shoes right now in the fuschia color range.

    I saw the last pair in the catalogue, and thought of you immediately.

  4. Aldalee replied:

    Nice design!! I always like pink and purple stuff shoes. those shoes looks very trendy and hot with pretty flower toe.

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