Our Photographer!

So…I’ve blogged about what I like in photography but I haven’t blogged much about the photographer we chose.
This is mostly because I had gone back and forth with choosing a photographer for some time.
I appreciate great photos and I know the importance of photography on the ‘where do you spend your money’ scale of wedding planning.
For most people, the photo investment is near the top of the importance scale.

After all, it is all you will have left of that day besides your own memories!
Unfortunately, we greatly underestimated the kind of investment we were going to have to make for a great photographer.
We booked someone right after we became engaged only to look back with a more critical eye and to feel like…well…that person kind of sucked!

So, the search resumed. But still with financial restrictions. I found some really great photographers who were out of our budget. And I even came across several photgraphers who, in the course of a few months, had doubled or tripled there fees after building awesome portfolios. And I felt like such a dummy for not booking them earlier….

Months of frustration led to a gem, though, Corey Ann Photography.
Corey Ann, based in Canton, Ohio, is fairly new on the photo scene. She was second-shooting for a while and has photgraphed only a few complete weddings.
So understandably one would be hesitant to book her because of a perceived lack of experience…

Well, I didn’t need to see volumes of Corey’s work to know she’d be a great fit for us! There was just something about the photos she did have that just ‘felt good’ to me and told a story. Fiance felt the same way. So, we booked her, thinking we still were taking a risk.

Corey has several weddings she’ll be shooting this summer before ours in August. But I have been following her blog and I am just in love with everything she shoots and it is has me SO excited about working with her in August!

I guess I said all of that to say that there are great photographers out there who are building their portfolios and who are incredibly talented (and reasonably priced because they are building their portfolio). Everyone has to start somewhere!

Here are some photos Corey Ann shot recently in Vegas:


April 3, 2008. photography.


  1. Corey B replied:

    Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I’m so glad you guys found me too, your wedding is going to be so amazingly fabulous! You’ve put so much work into the wedding- the details are awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see (and shoot) them on the big day!

  2. Jenna replied:

    These photos all look so FUN. Good job taking a chance on someone who hasn’t been shooting for years, someone has to hire them sometime, and everyone who has experience now was at one time a beginner. I think she will do a fabulous job!

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