Whatcha Doin…?

After about three weeks of bombarding you with an insane number of posts–sometimes two a day–things have calmed down a bit.

Save-the-dates are out, our guest list is finally stabilizing, and I am happy to report that fiance is getting really excited about the wedding now, as he sees it inching closer and has heard from many of his friends about the save-the-dates (he was largely opposed to save-the-dates at one point…)

Soooo….I am slowly assembling our DIY invitations at a rate of 25 a week so I don’t get burned out. They are scheduled to be sent out May 15th.
Here’s what’s happening right now and what I’ll be doing in April and what you have in store:

  • Assembling my pocketfolds! Cute but super tedious!
  • Waiting for my clutch to arrive. Ok. So I ordered this from a China-based Ebay seller and it is taking entirely too long to come! I have already sent the seller an email and if I don’t get it by Friday I will be opening (my first) Ebay complaint. If it comes I get to show it to you!!
  • Waiting for the brooch I ordered last week for my bustle to arrive. I have tracking info for this, so I will show you when it gets here.
  • Waiting for my stamp to arrive. It was destroyed/lost in the mail and the Etsy seller is graciously making me another.
  • Working with a jewelry designer who is making my bridal bracelet and a few other goodies. WAIT until you see the fabulosity that she is concocting!!
  • Deciding on a shoe. I’m sure you know about this from the Shoe Sagas…
  • Going to Cleveland to finalize our menu with the venue and tie up loose strings. Meeting with my florist for some mock-ups!
  • Craft project for April: Placecard trees. Woo! I’ll be getting started on these soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Thursday!


March 27, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Jenna replied:

    Make sure you don’t wait to long to open up your complaint. I lost a few hundred dollars once because I didn’t open my complaint in a timely manner. Good luck!

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