Another Pink Pump

If you don’t follow, please see the shoe sagas:
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Part III: The $15 Shoe Risk
Part IV: The $15 shoes arrives

The Tyrie Fuschia Satin shoes from Moda in Pelle–apparently a UK brand not readily ship-able to the United States, at least not through Amazon.    The brand’s web site will ship to the U.S.–but for a shipping fee of 59 pounds!!!  Which of course is probably about $100 given the weak dollar.  (They only charge 4.95 pounds for shipping in UK mainland)…. *sigh*
The shoe is 70 pounds…which again, is about double that when converted to dollars.  Not bad, until you add on the shipping!

Looks like the shoe saga will be continuing…


March 22, 2008. fashion, shoes.

One Comment

  1. Sarah replied:

    I have always loved Nordy’s and I have a feeling when you see this link you will too!

    Pink Pop:

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