Best View in the City?

So, being the newspaper nerd that I am, I was digging around for anything that has been in the news in the past few years about our wedding venue.
The most useful thing I found was that our Venue, the BP Tower in downtown Cleveland, is apparently no longer CALLED the BP Tower anymore…Umm, yeah. Now it is just referred to as its Public Sqare address. Weird…

Second and perhaps most interesting info was the subject of the Plain Dealer article I found, “The best view of Cleveland.” Useful mainly when thinking about where to take cool pictures that will really capture the city for me and fiance’s wedding and day-after photos, and my bridals.
The article talks about how the Terminal Tower used to have a 42nd-floor observation deck that was by far the city’s best view. But now that space is used as storage and inaccesible to the public…Boooo!

It then mentions the Key Tower and our venue (the former) BP Tower as having great views–but neither has an observation deck!

So now, apparently the best view in the city is: (drum roll) the deck of the Superior Viaduct, the remaining seven arches of the 1878 bridge that spanned the Cuyahoga River, connecting downtown to the West Side.

**shot from the Viaduct**
There is also a restaurant, Ponte Vecchio Ristorante Italiano, on the viaduct that has a patio and offers a stunning city view.

**parking at Ponte Vecchio** (Geez, that’d make for some amazing photos)

Also, I have seen photos shot from Edgewater Park that provide a great panoramic view. Like these:

So, if you are planning to take urban engagement or wedding or whatever photos in the city, this is news you can use!
Also, has anyone ever been to that Ponte Vecchio restaraunt? I had neverrr heard of it before today!

March 18, 2008. cleveland, photography, venue.

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