Baby Got Back…Of Envelopes, that is…

Hi, my name is Meg, and I am an Etsy-holic.
No, seriously.
As if the treasures to be found on Ebay weren’t
So I’m back to share my latest Etsy purchase, again
paper related–more specifically, invitation envelope-related.
Now that I have our save-the-dates off my plate (I mailed them over the weekend) I can focus on the invitations, which will go out in mid May. That seems like a lot of time, but considering I’ll be assembling 150 pocketfold invites between now and
then…it is not.
Although I spent hours hand addressing our save-the-dates, we’ve already decided to buck etiquette and use cute clear labels for the actual invitations. But what about the back of the envelope? How will we place our return address? That is where the Etsy purchase comes in. And my envelope-back inspiration, from the ever-talented Knottie ItsmeSenam, also owner of custom design
studio, My Design Diva.

  • Here was her stamp, my inspiration:

*Photo belongs to: ItsmeSenam*

I like it because it has our return address, but it’s also a decorative, custom element for the envelopes.
The stamp comes with a wooden handle, so I’ll have to decide what kind of ink I wanna use and get some ink pads. I’ll stamp this right on the back of our envelope flaps.
What are you using for your envelope backs?


March 17, 2008. invitations.


  1. Linda replied:

    ooh, I like that. I was just going to use labels. But that’s a much better idea. Thanks!

  2. mnc replied:

    Glad it’s helpful! I guess for the formal mailings you’re not supposed to put return address on front of envelope because it makes it look too much like mass mail? I heard that somewhere. But i get it….

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