Envelope Etiquette….

I’m breaking it!
I know you’re “supposed’ to always hand-address wedding communications–but I’m skipping this rule for something a bit more unique.
Sure, some could argue that this is less personal, but I actually put some thought into it.
We’re going to print something like this on big 2″ X 4″ clear labels and use them to address our guests!
This is just a draft my mom made up from something similar I saw done on Weddingbee. (I blotted out the address in its entirety so it looks a bit weird here…)

Here is the Weddingbee one I used as “inspiration”:

So, what do you think? Honestly, is this a no-no or tacky?


February 16, 2008. art projects, details.


  1. Mindy replied:

    I have received several invitations the past year or so that have been printed on clear labels with unique designs, and I always thought they were fun and different! I say go for it!

  2. Meg replied:

    It looks good- but I think it would look better printed directly on the envelopes than it would printed on clear labels.

    (I wrestled with this as well, but am in the process of hand addressing all the envelopes. It actually isn’t taking too much time.)

  3. Dj replied:

    if you can possibly print them directly onto the envelope they look much nicer. i think the clear labels can be a bit “tacky” simply because with almost all envelopes, after going through the rigorous postal system they show or peel at the corners. the idea of typing them isn’t tacky; it’s a lifesaver! just a suggestion. i do LOVE the design though.

  4. Monica the Bride replied:

    I don’t think it’s tacky, but I do agree it’s best to do it on the envelope. :o)

    Love the designs.

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