Some Inspiration to Carry You Into the New Year!

Here are a few things to whet your floral/event/wedding related appetite as we head into 2008…
Plus, some of my own style and design tips for the new year.

1. Black is the New Black
Chocolate brown will come and go…but black is forever classic.

2. Less is More
Instead of traditional flower arrangements that include in many types of flowers and colors think about simple, monochromatic arrangements. Using the same flower type in the same color for arrangements or using several flower types in the same color often has great impact! This is also great for the DIY bride or novice because they are simple to arrange and look lovely packed tightly–or sparsely into cubes.

3. Embellish, embellish, embellish!

In 2008, I’d love to see embellishment taken to higher heights. I’d love to see bouquets wrapped in ruffles, velvet, ‘blingy’ trim or anything that personalizes and makes them more feminine and interesting.

4. Let There Be Light!
Candlelight, that is! For an evening wedding reception, dinner or party, you can never have too many candles. Candles are quite possibly the cheapest way to make great impact on your tables and in a space. Think about it. When has candlelight ever looked tacky? It hasn’t! And candles grouped together–whether pillars or votives–create a romantic and dramatic effect. And they also produce beautiful light! If you can’t afford to hire a professional lighting designer–going crazy with candles can create an equally great ambiance. But the key is to go crazy. Plan on ordering hundreds of candles for your event.

5. Go Crazy with Something…

For maximum impact in an event space, consider a theme and really run with it. Whether it be hundreds of branches, candles, roses, orchids, flower petals–guests will notice an element that runs through your entire event. Branches are a bold, striking and cost-effective way to do this as they’re much cheaper than many flowers.

Happy 2008!


December 31, 2007. centerpiece, decorations, inspiration.

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