Ok– so I have a confession to make.
As much fun as I’m having, I am frustrated with planning my wedding.
And I attribute this to one factor: too many vendors.
There are lots of moving ‘pieces’ to planning any event, especially weddings.
And although I am good at making phone calls, doing price comparisons and overall managing vendors, I’m getting exhausted fast from having to manage SO MANY of them.
There’s floral, ceremony rentals, reception rentals, lighting, entertainment, attire, beauty, lodging etc…
Now, some would be quick to advise, “Girl, hire a wedding planner!”
But I don’t think that’s necessary if I could just STREAMLINE/ BUNDLE a few of my vendors into ONE vendor that I totally trust to execute.

What if I could find one company to handle floral, lighting, ceremony AND reception decor/set-up?

Enter Stacey Streeter from Fleurs de France.
Well, technically she came across my radar a while ago and has hands down the loveliest floral I’ve seen in the Cleveland area. She does what she calls “couture flowers” and her designs are whimsical, creative and fun.
The only problems were that:
1) Her pricing intimidated me
2) I contacted her about JUST doing personal flowers for me and she was only mildly interested because she said she was leaning toward only doing full events–not parts here and there. Which I understood.

But upon doing my vendor interviews, pricing things out and understanding the possibilities and constrictions of our venue, I am compelled to at least interview and price the person who would, I think, be my first choice based on what I’ve seen of her work…
Courtesy Fleurs de

So, I am meeting with Stacy in a few weeks.
And some of you laughed at me for starting early!?


December 3, 2007. planning, vendors.

One Comment

  1. Meg replied:

    I’m with you about vendors. Do you have an on-site coordinator that will handle some of the logistics for you?

    I’ll be really interested to hear how Fleurs de France turns out- it will definitely be easier having just one vendor handle decor, instead of several. It might cost a little bit more, but you won’t have to spend as much time coordinating, and your time is valuable.

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