Let There Be Light!:Part I

The dim amber lighting of a late-night jazz club;
The yellow and green and orange neon darting spotlights in a disco;
A summer afternoon’s plentiful sunshine’s ability to single-handedly brighten your mood;
Subtle and soft all white lights on a Christmas tree;
The flash on your camera.
Lighting matters.
It makes a difference in how we look in photographs…
And it can even change our mood.

So, why do most people overlook the power of lighting their events…their weddings?

In contemplating our ‘decor’ budget and how to get the ‘biggest bang for our bucks,’ professional lighting is a factor that I couldn’t ignore.
Traditionally, flowers have been the huge ‘budget buster’ for brides. Flowers and florists can easily produce bills in the thousands.
Yes, easily.

But, I don’t want a flowery wedding. And although I love flowers, in thinking back on weddings I’ve been to I can’t recall: “Oh, those were some lovely spray roses they had on their tables!” Basically, who really remembers flowers?

So why not give guests an experience with lighting to reflect the ‘feel’ of your celebration?
The realization that I’m crazy about lighting had led me to thoroughly explore the options for pro lighting in the Cleveland area. And basically there are 4 major players that I’ve come across: Hughies, ColorTone, RCS Corporation, and Event Lighting. Soon, I will post generally about the quotes and customer service I received from these vendors–because I know that professional lighting is a “newer” concept in the Cleveland market and many brides don’t have experience using them and don’t know what to expect.

To be clear, lighting is not on its face a cheaper alternative to decadent flowers. For me, I am making a choice to appropriate the majority of what would be a floral budget to lighting, because I think it’s a better fit for us and packs incredible impact when compared to flowers–especially for an evening event.
As with anything, you can do more or less with lighting to fit your budget.

Here are just a few ways lighting can transform:

Above photo courtesy of Knottie Brown Bride07

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Look at the possibilities! More on light lata.


November 6, 2007. decorations, inspiration, lighting, vendors.

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