I. Heart. Etsy!

Generally, I’d like to think I am pretty crafty and have decent taste.
And normally, when I take on do-it-yourself projects they come out better than expected. Plus, I enjoy ‘personalizing’ things and paying attention to the details.

For our wedding, there are a number of small projects that I am excited to be taking on myself, e.g. our invitations, a crystal manzanita tree, programs, out of town boxes etc. But I am not so ambitious to think I couldn’t use some creative help from somewhere…
Enter Etsy!
Etsy is presently my favorite online store–one huge marketplace of items by individual sellers/small companies. And EVERYTHING is hand-made. I first came across Etsy via the store of Emily, who took my inspiration and designed our invitations.

Now, I literally spend hours browsing this site– and I have found some amazing and oh so affordable finds that will help me with my projects, namely 200 CUSTOM stickers for $6!?!? (Sorry ladies, I’ll post the link AFTER I order mine!)

Anyways, here are a few of the adorable things I’ve found on Etsy (some NOT wedding related):

Crown Labels by Paperologie
Really see no use for these…but I’ll FIND one! I love them!

Custom Monogrammed Ring Pillow from MondeDesign


Silk Dupioni Custom Monogrammed Check Book Cover from plethora

This could be something to add to BM’s gifts:)

Personalized Monogram Bloomers/ Diaper Cover from Carabellas

Baby Raven, I want these for you!

Luxe Fuschia and Red Damask Hemp Strung Tags by Paperologie

Again, unsure how I would use these. But they are surely eye candy!

So basically, I’ve found Etsy to be a good place for supplies, but more so for general inspiration!

What are things you look at, read etc. for inspiration–fashion, decor or other?


November 6, 2007. decorations, inspiration, vendors.

One Comment

  1. Rachael replied:

    Wow, fantastic ring pillow! I know what you mean about Etsy…it’s addictive!

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