Music: Back to Square One…

I need a DJ. A new DJ. **Sigh**
As I have talked about before, entertainment/ music is a big thing to me which is why I began my search for the perfect DJ early.

Basically,we had given a deposit to the DJ of our choice, a small up and coming company out of Sandusky, Ohio that we thought would be a good fit for our wedding and music style.

So they gave us a very reasonable quote that we were happy with, but then said that they would have to do a survey of our venue to make sure there were no obstacles logistically that would make that quote go up. (Note: Once a vendor quotes you… rule is it should never go up…)

So…long story short, today, after seeing my venue the DJ company has quoted us $300 HIGHER than they did a month ago for the same service! Needless to say, I was disappointed.

So after a day’s worth of back and forth, they are going to refund my deposit as a gesture. And I will have to resume my search for entertainment–something I was hoping to have off my plate.

Contrary to the thought that live entertainment is best, we really want a DJ because of the versatility they offer. In my prior post, I talked about the things we want and don’t want in a DJ.

Do you know of any great Cleveland-area DJs?


November 2, 2007. vendors.

One Comment

  1. Meg replied:

    Oh, that sucks! Makes you wonder whether they were looking at “logistical obstacles” or were trying to gauge how much $$$ you would be willing to spend based on what your reception venue looks like.

    Good luck with your search- sadly, I don’t really know of any DJs in the area.

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