I Did it Myyyyy Wayyyy!

One of my (kind of) DIY projects is my invitations.
From the time I first spotted the “pocketfold” invitations (latest trend in wedding invites) I knew I had to have them. I also knew I didn’t want to pay $400-$500 for them. So I found a way around that!
First, I contacted a fabulous graphic designer who I ‘met’ on IndieBride. I loved the way she had made her own pocketfolds, so I contacted her through her Etsy shop to make mine. Basically I just told her what my style and colors were, picked out some art at IStockPhoto and sent her all of my text. A week later I had the high resolution files for this (a simulation):

The designer made me 6 custom pieces: an invite, two detail cards, an rsvp postcard and a save-the-date card. The design (including cost of stock art) was $70.

Now…the printing is up to me. I plan on using VistaPrint and the designer formatted all of my invitation pieces to print on VistaPrint’s oversized postcards (cheaper than printing on their invitation cards–but same cardstock quality).

So the question is: after paying for a custom design, printing fees and envelopes…will I actually SAVE money by doing it myself?
To find out, below I compare my costs with those of a popular pocketfold web store, MyGatsby.

First, MyGatsby
100 pocketfolds: $150.00
100 Invitations: $92.00
100 RSVPs+envelope: $75.00
100 Detail 1 cards: $49.00
100 Detail 2 cards: $49.00

Now, my DIY pockets-
100 pocketfolds from Cards and Pockets Store: $100
100 Invitations: $50
100 RSVP postcards: FREE (VistaPrint promo)
100 Detail 1 cards: $50
100 Detail 2 cards: $50
Custom Design: $70

Plus, MyGatsby charges $45.00 for 100 envelopes and I can get 100 from EnvelopeMall on my own for $23.00.

I do plan on buying some cool ribbon and accents to finish off the pockets, but I would have done the same thing with MyGatsby’s.

So overall, if you like assembling things and DIY, this could be for you. Of course you’ll have to take a trip to your local Michael‘s or craft store to get some adhesive spray, double-sided tape or glue dots. But that’s a very minor expense and one you would incur anyway because you have to pay MyGatsby extra to assemble your pockets:)

Enter Sinatra: “And more, much more than this…I did it myyyy wayyyy!”
I can’t wait to put ’em together!


October 24, 2007. invitations.


  1. Meg replied:

    Good post on the the budget breakdown of invitations.

    Thanks for the comment on weddingbee šŸ™‚ Who else have you looked at for lighting? We met last week with the lighting guy at the Renaissance, and are pretty certain that we will go with him, but I’m curious to find out who else you have contacted.

  2. Meg replied:

    Thanks for the info- that definitely helps.

  3. Anna C replied:

    COOL!!! I wish I could help you put them together

  4. Vivien replied:

    this is so random but i’m a bride-to-be in texas and i stumbled across your website….i don’t even quite know how, anyway, i just wanted to say that this post is SO helpful to me especially since i, too, am obsessed with the invitation pockets!

    hopefully i’ll be able to have the same affordable success as you. thank you for your clarity in explaining the process and brilliance!

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