Say Yes to the Dress!

I did it! This weekend… I said “I do”… to my gown!
Now, if you’ve been following the blog, you know that I have been rather indecisive concerning my dress…

**Below is a timeline of the dress saga:**

-I began with a narrative declaration of the style of gown I wished to have.
-Then, I continued with some bridal shopping adventures in New York and Maryland.
-Then, even more shopping that I didn’t blog…
-Then, I proceeded to compare several gowns and nervously seek advice.
-Then, I had the nerve to declare to the world that I had FOUND my gown. (Knowing I was still unsure…)

Now, I am proud and resolved to announce that this weekend my mommy and I found the gown!
And I even sealed the deal by putting down a deposit.
I found my dress at the Today’s Bride magazine bridal show in Independence, Ohio on Sunday.
Basically, there were tons of wedding vendors that mom and I had went to check out, but it happens that an Ohio bridal salon, Henri’s Cloud 9, actually had a showroom on site where they were selling gowns with a one-day-only discount.

Here’s how it went:
**dozens of brides-to-be and bridezillas frantically looking through racks of dresses in a tiny, crowded showroom in a corner of a hotel**

Me to Henri’s employee, Jason:
“Where are the sexy/fitted/trumpet gowns in here?” Trying to bypass the looking-through-racks thing and doing crazy body movements to show that I wanted a form-fitting gown.

“I’ll find them!” He pulls two gowns, one he says is a Henry Roth that retails for $3,000. Henry Roth isn’t making dresses anymore, that’s why it’s marked down to $799, he says.
The Roth was gorgeous. Material and color were pretty but it was too plain for me and didn’t look amazing on. The second dress Jason pulled just wasn’t what I had in mind.

However, as I was getting dressed, I looked up…and I saw thee dress! Outside of my fitting room curtain, a girl was looking at herself in the mirror in MY dream dress. All I could see was the perfect shape of the dress and the embellishment that was shining through the curtain. I peeked out and grabbed my mom and Jason, and in my own bridezilla moment I crossed my arms and said:
Get me that dress. That is MY dress. She needs to take it off!”

Well… the girl didn’t like the dress. Said she wanted something “simpler” so she and I traded gowns.

I slipped into the gown(a Fall 2007 Christina Wu).
It fit me like a glove.
I bargained them down about three-hundred dollars below the retail price (it retailed a bit out of my budget).
Fiance paid deposit with his credit card over the phone.
And the rest is history!



October 16, 2007. fashion, gowns, vendors.


  1. Meg replied:

    congrats on finding the dress!

  2. Meg replied:

    Oh, and I saw some of your engagement pictures (I think) on Ken Blaze’s blog. Here’s the link:

  3. Lindsay replied:

    Your bridezilla moment is hilarious: “That is MY dress! She needs to take it off!” LOL

    Congrats on finding the dress.

  4. mnc replied:

    thanks, gals!

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