A Thousand Words

I really have a deep respect and appreciation for good photography.
The main reason, I think, is because I worked for several years as a newspaper reporter.
As a reporter I wrote stories–the important ones that were accompanied by a picture of what the story was about. And what I noticed was that the picture would often make or break my story.
After all, pictures and visual things are always what first draws people to a newspaper…a magazine…a man, or a woman!
I digress.
But the point is that what photographers were able to say through their images were usually more powerful than anything I could write.
That said, I care very much who is hired to take our wedding photographs.
There are many signs that scream mediocre photography. But the main culprit is simply the lack of imagination and experience of the photographer.
I love photojournalistic photography and think that a photographer should cover a wedding as they would cover any other event. They must capture and tell the story of the day. They must capture the moments that gone unseen by most. They must capture genuine feeling.

In searching for photographers, I’ve found the ones I like most actually used to work as photojournalists and have a ‘fly on the wall’ approach to shooting.

What I DO NOT like are pictures that are posed and contrived.

In my mind, there is no reason to spend an hour of the wedding–even if it’s during the cocktail hour–posing up silly shots somewhere like we’re at Sears…

Yes, I want some pictures of the gals and guys and family all together…but not an hour’s worth!
Pictures are so much better when they are natural. No need to purposely smile all up in the camera!
Now–I had major sticker shock when looking for companies to interview to do our pictures.
Nine out of ten Cleveland-area photographers charge upwards of $1,000 for wedding coverage–and that’s for a very basic package.
As my mother has agreed to finance the photography, I am hunting around for a skilled photog who is also reasonable cost-wise. No worries momma! I have found a few that we’ll interview in a few weeks.

They are: (In order of the one I love most🙂
Ken Blaze
Easy Wind Studio
Noble Images
Melissa Rudick
Linczak Photography
Harris Photography

Good thing is that I do think all of the above photogs could do a fine job capturing the wedding–and they all are in, or within reach of, a reasonable price range.
Do you know of any great Cleveland-area photographers?


September 21, 2007. vendors.

One Comment

  1. Anonymous replied:

    Hi I found your blog from the NEO knottie board. I just wanted to say that if youd like to see some pictures that Linczak Photography took of my wedding, Id be happy to share 🙂 email me at ket15 at case dot edu

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