The Dress

I’ve found it!
I’ve posted a photo of it below…
Yeah, right.
Of course you can’t see my dress! But I thought I should at least share that I have settled on one…seeing as though I’ve been thinking aloud here on the blog.
I will say this, it’s nothing like the photos of any of the gowns I’ve posted previously.
I’m really excited.
Now, however, I’m faced with one more hurdle.
From whom do I order the dress?
Options are:
1. online vendor
2. Full service, ‘brick-and-mortar’ bridal boutique
Pros of Online Vendor:

-Almost always cheaper
-Very reliable… as long as the online vendor has an actual, reputable store somewhere in the U.S. That means, if said boutique has had a popular bridal store, say, in North carolina for 25 years and then branched out to also sell online.

Pros of Traditonal Bridal:

-Real, live person to assist you, measure you and take care of logistics
-Real live person to answer questions, etc. that has been through this many, many times
-Usually, small (10%) discount on bridesmaids dresses if you order everything from them
-Usually do alterations on site or can refer

Cons of Online:

-Sketchy if the vendor is solely based online and doesn’t have a physical store. For all you know they can just take your $$$ and disappear.
-Sketchy just because you’re not dealing with a real person
-Alterations are on you- have to find someone to do them, and figure in that extra cost

Cons of Bridal Boutique:

-Almost always more expensive
-Almost always fairly crowded and often chaotic (at least the ones ’round here)
-Some degree of pressure from salespeople

Still not sure how I feel about the possibility of ordering something this important online.
On one hand, I feel like as long as the vendor has a reputable physical store, and if you can check them with the Better Business Bureau, then why not?
Then something says…”just be safe.”
What are your thoughts?


September 14, 2007. fashion, gowns.

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