Don’t Call It A Comeback…

Let’s take a minute to think about one flower that may perhaps be one of the most forsaken, underappreciated, overlooked and denigrated bud on earth–the carnation.
The carnation has always been that flower, at least in my experience, that everyone knew was really cheap and noone ever bragged about receiving.
In high school, it was the flower that you could anonymously send for $1 to the homeroom of your crush…
Or it was the trite flower handed out en masse at high school football or basketball appreciation games…
Or it was the flower that you used for your school science experiment where you tried to see if the stem would soak up food coloring and then turn that color…
Or it was the flower a guy gave you when he was too cheap to buy roses…
To put it simply, the carnation has never been looked at as particularly special, rare or esteemed.
Until now!
Wise flower-lovers and the florally inclined have increasingly been recognizing this neglected flower’s natural beauty.
They key to making carnations beautiful in arrangements is to use a whole lot of them all in the same monochromatic color. I mean a LOT. Bunched in cubes of 40 or more, carnations can be quite striking. And the best thing is that they’re really, really cheap! I guess I said all of that to say that I think carnations, if you use like a thousand can be really hot. They’re not on the wedding agenda right now, but who knows, they may just make a guest appearance!
See below:

Or imagine the below centerpiece using all orange carnations:

But don’t call it a comeback.
Really. They’ve been around for years.


September 13, 2007. budget, centerpiece, decorations, inspiration.

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