Engagement Soiree!!

Is happening this weekend…
I mean, it’s kind of an engagement-slash-housewarming party as fiancee just got done doing a bunch of home improvements and finally wants to have one.
I hadn’t thought of this ‘party’ as being a big deal. For example,we didn’t invite friends and family from out of town (just because I guess it didn’t occur to us that people would travel for a little party.
But now that I have mentioned it to some of my out of town BMs and friends, I guess maybe I should’ve just invited everyone as a courtesy (some of them seemed to really wanted to come).
Anyways, this week I did start putting some thought into the party and trying to figure out a ‘theme’ or something that wouldn’t be too cheesy.
First I thought we could do the ever-popular summer Luau theme–get tiki torches for the patio & make frozen drinks.
Then I went shopping and figured out that at least in retailers’ minds, summer is done and all that’s available in party stores is Halloween and..yes…Christmas stuff.
Then I went to the Dollar Tree and as usual, came across some fabulous finds.
First, were these Hallmark Collection plates and napkins which I thought were just perfect for an engagement party:

Then I found these $1 a pack rose petals. They are fake. But I’m not splurging on real rose petals for this party.
And these cute square vases/candle holders at $1 each (I’m thinking of going back and buying all the rest from the store)

So after finding these items, it occured to me that maybe I should go with a “Romantic” theme: candles,rose petals, wine, love…after all, it is a celebration of love!
Do you have any ideas of something we can do or incorporate into the engagement party?

FYI (totally unrelated) the orchids are holding up really well. I don’t think there would be any issue withDIY with them. Here are pics I took of them Tuesday evening (remember they were bought Friday).


September 11, 2007. budget, candles, decorations, planning.

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