Veils: They’re for the Birds…

Hmmm…where do I begin?
I detest veils.
And in explaining my feeling about veils, I will try not to offend anyone culturally or religously, rather to express my humble views.
In terms of the veil being voluntarily donned by women as a symbol of modesty–I can respect that.
But, it seems that, of my knowledge of the veil, it has largely meant and been equivocated to things like: oppression, suppression, sexism, extremism, hiding, silence, concealment, antiquated, “darkness.”
In sharp contast, I think of myslef as: free, expressive, equal, liberal, embracing, vocal, modern and “light.”
Perhaps I am off-base.
But I have never really liked veils or what they stand for.
So why should I have to wear one just because it is “tradition?”

I have expressed this to my fiance. he wants me to wear a veil. I love him, so I will give… but not without putting a twist on it.
Introducing…the french netting (a.k.a. birdcage) veil!

A compromise for all!
It’s old-fashioned. Fiance gets to ‘have his moment’ lifting it from my face during the ceremony. And for my sake, it’s very small and netted and does not totally hide my face!
What do you think of veils? Are they important to a wedding ceremony?
***Extra*** discussion on birdcage veil and vendors.


September 7, 2007. fashion, gowns.


  1. Meg replied:

    Originally, I was planning no veil.

    Then my mom showed me her veil, and the corresponding headpiece. My great-grandmother wore it at at her wedding. My grandmother wore it at her wedding. And my mom wore it at hers.

    That’s too much family history for me not to wear it. So I will- but for the ceremony only, and it won’t cover my face.

  2. Tracey replied:

    Congrats! I am getting married in June and love that 2nd veil. Can you send me the link please.

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