Rethinking DIY Flowers

OK–So here’s the deal.
I know what I want the flowers at our wedding to look like. Exactly.
And considering the savings to be seen from having my mom and crew help me with very simple centerpieces and the omnipresence of wholesale flowers online, I have been very set on creating our own centerpieces etc.
The most compelling reason for this thought is the sheer price-tag on florists.
The second reason is that we’re not having a bunch of flowers, anyway…and the idea of having complete control over the outcome.

BUT, after reading tons of caveats about DIY flowers…I have begun to reconsider.
I mean, anything can go wrong. What if the flowers never arrived? Or arrived in bad shape? Or wilted? Or…the list goes on.
What if, even after test-running my arrangements well in advance, they just don’t come out right for our big day?
What if someone really hurts themselves de-thorning roses?

Fiance and I were talking tonight, and seeing how simple we want our centerpieces, we think we’ll price some florists first just to see. Originally, I was going to a floral only for: bouts and my bouquet.
We’ll meet with some florists the second week of October and I’ll update you then.
But do know, if it’s too outrageous, I’m sticking to the original plan.


September 6, 2007. centerpiece, decorations.

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